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5 tips for healthy relationships

Crucial Tips For A Healthy Relationship

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” Positive, supportive, and honest relationships contribute to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life. So let me ask you - do you have healthy relationships with others or do you find yourself pushing people away? On this week’s blog, Mindvalley Academy shares crucial tips on creating positive, long-lasting relationships. Check it out!

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couples laughing

Online Dating: 4 Ways To Stay Spiritual

Have you ever been on a date with someone and felt like you were counting down the minutes until it was over? Or did you ever want to ask someone on a date but were too afraid you would be rejected? Let’s be honest, dating is hard! So how can you stay positive and spiritual while online dating? On this week’s blog, Life Coach and speaker Natalie Speakman shares quick dating tips - check it out now!

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holding hand

3 Self-care Lessons Only Dating Can Teach You

Have you found yourself single again? Are you ready to date but the idea of it seems daunting and confusing? Breakups and relationships are hard. But if you let them, they’re also rewarding as they bring you a lot of experience and wisdom. Before venturing into the dating scene all over again, here are a few tips on how to use your dating experience to find true love.

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woman sitting on the rock

Moving On: Five Signs It's Time To Say Farewell To A Friend

Even if you know it's for the best, It's not always easy to walk away from a friendship.  Perhaps you've been friends for a long time, share a group of mutual friends, or met through family - sometimes we feel obligated to keep people in our lives that actually are doing us a disservice. Moving on from a relationship can be a very difficult choice, but taking advice from someone who’s been there can help. Here are 5 signs it’s time to say farewell to a friend.


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woman enjoying the snow

How to Rock Being Single During The Holidays

Being single during the holidays can sometimes make you feel like you should be in a relationship. But what many people fail to realize is that being single gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself, your dreams, and your future. So, how do you rock being single during the holidays? Rachel Watson, owner of the powerful lifestyle blog, shares her tips on how to embrace your singleness so you can maintain a positive, happy mindset.

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9 Crucial Traits of Healthy Relationships

Relationships - whether they are romantic or platonic - can be difficult. Maintaining a healthy, happy relationship requires sacrifice, honesty, appreciation, and of course, mutual respect. Are there relationships in your life that you wish were stronger and more resilient? Discover these 9 traits that are crucial to making any relationship work.

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Life in Color: What Color Lens Are You Wearing?

Have you ever been in a difficult position and reacted in a negative, unhealthy way? We are all guilty of lashing out once in a while, and maybe even losing control of our emotions. But have you considered that part of the reason we act like this is based on the way we are viewing the world? Check out guest blogger and transformation coach Suzie de Jonge’s insight on ‘colored lenses’ and the effect they can have on our emotions and actions.

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unique date

Dinner & A Movie? Try One Of These 13 Dreamy Date Night Ideas Instead

Is your relationship stuck in a rut? Do you feel uninspired doing the same things together, week in and week out? Did you know that you can turn things around and reignite the spark of your romance simply by trying a few new things? Here are 13 unique and fun ideas to start you off.

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