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How to Rock Being Single During The Holidays

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On today’s blog, we feature lifestyle blog owner Rachel Watson. Enjoy :-)

As the holiday season descends upon us, and the weather turns colder, if you’re single, you may be thinking it’s time to find yourself someone to cuddle with by the fire. Between the couples excitedly exchanging gifts and getting engaged under the Christmas tree, oftentimes being single can feel lonely during the holidays, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, it can be a gift! And to prove it, here are 7 ways you can enjoy & embrace being single during this holiday season:

1. Take A Break From Social Media

There are so many good things about social media. It gives us the opportunity to connect with people who live far away and to check up on our family members and dear friends. However, there are also many downsides. The biggest being the effects of comparison

As you’re scrolling through social media, it can be easy to think everyone has a much more comfortable life than you do. We sometimes believe everything posted is real and authentic, instead of acknowledging the perfectly edited photos and posts that have been calculated down to the word. If you are someone who is struggling with their relationship status, social media can sometimes hurt more than it helps. It can be easy to see everyone happy with their significant others and feel very left out. So, if you think that social media has been bringing you down more than up lately, why not take a step back? This could be for a couple of days or weeks, or just not checking it every 30 minutes.

2. Invest In Your Friendships

Even though you may feel alone, you are not. I am sure that you have plenty of friends and family members who love and appreciate you. One of the best parts of being single is that you can come and go as you please. You can hang out with who you want when you want. When you get into a serious relationship, it can be hard to make time for your friends and family members. So, instead of spending this time wishing you had someone “special”, invest in the many amazing people who already love you. To get started, why not ask one of your friends out to lunch or coffee this weekend.

3. Set Boundaries

Being single is a great time to honestly reflect on past relationships. This is a time where you can be frank about what didn’t work and what did work, what you want out of a long-term partner, and what you can’t stand. Don’t be afraid to take some time to really think long and hard about what you want in a spouse or significant other. What are qualities that you need to have, and some that you just want? When you are in a relationship, it is too easy to get caught up in the romance and honeymoon stage, that you miss the warning signs that you might have been able to avoid.

4. Make A Singleness Bucket List

Instead of focusing on all the things you need a partner to do, why not focus on the unique things you can do as a single person. Make a list of goals you want to accomplish, places you want to travel, or big things you want to do. Singles have a lot more time than married or dating couples; it’s just a fact. So, don’t spend all that extra time wallowing on your couch with cartons and pints of ice cream beside you. Instead, take action. 

Find a new hobby, find ways to volunteer to help others in your local community, or just do something you enjoy. You won’t have this much time to literally do whatever you want again, so stop taking it for granted.

5. Write A Grateful List

Once again, when you get upset about your singleness, it can be easy to forget all the good things that are happening in your life right now. So why not document it? Make a list of all the things that you are thankful for, people you are blessed by, or just little things that make you happy each day. That way, when you are sad about being single, or any number of things, you have this list that you can look at again. I guarantee it will help you put what really matters in perspective.

6. Don’t Sell Yourself Short

It can be easy to think that you’re single for a specific reason. Maybe you think that you are single because of how you act, dress, look, or any number of reasons. But, truthfully, I know so many amazing people who are single. And I am sure that you do too. You have so much to offer someone, and you will not be alone forever. Don’t believe that if you aren’t being pursued by someone you are somehow unworthy. Learning to love and appreciate yourself first is going to make you so much better of a friend and potential partner in the future.

7. Treat Yourself

As you may be moving out or living on your own, you may begin to find yourself buying things for your apartment that you thought you’d be getting on a wedding registry. But don’t let that get you down. Promise yourself that you will get the Kitchenaid Mixer you can finally afford, or the bigger bed just because you want it. You don't have to wait to have nice furniture and appliances until you're married. Treat yourself to those items, because you deserve them and you’ll use them, married or not.

In conclusion, singleness doesn’t have to be something that gets you down. It can be a great time to find yourself and be build up to your greatest potential. No matter if you are in dating limbo, just got out of a relationship, or are nowhere close to potentially dating someone, I hope that you leave this article feeling encouraged today. Don’t wait for someone to sweep you off your feet for your life to start, start living today. 



Rachel Watson is the website manager for OurStart is a lifestyle blog for women in their 20s and 30s, that regularly publishes content around pregnancy, parenting, health, adulthood, and weddings.








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