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Top 7 Foods To Boost Your Mental Power foods that skyrocket your health


Since we were a very young age, most of us have been told what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, and what foods strengthen and fuel our bodies! But in recent times, we’ve also been shown what foods to eat for optimal brain health so we can function at our peak. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite foods to help boost mental power, check it out right now!

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6 Lessons I Learned In Africa That Changed My Life (And Could Change Yours Too!) Lessons I learned in Africa


Do you enjoy helping others? Do you ever find more meaning in life by teaching someone something or giving back to the world? Well, that’s exactly how I feel about my latest trip to Africa. I thought I was there to just teach personal development to young Liberians but it has proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Here’s why over on my blog!

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7 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationships For strengthening relationships


All relationships need attention - whether they be professional, romantic, platonic, or family - relationships take time and work. Sometimes it’s hard to see when (and how often) you need to nurture your current relationships, especially if things are seemingly sailing smoothly. I’ve put together a list of some ways to strengthen your relationships, check it out now!

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10 Mental Hacks That Will Boost Your Memory boost your memory with these quick tips


Do you have an easier time remembering the words to a song from childhood than where you put your keys or cell phone a few minutes ago? Unless you “train your brain”,  your memory can be affected over time. I’ve come up with some ways to exercise that often neglected - but extremely important - part of your body. Check it out now!

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5 Mindfulness Exercises That Can Change Your Body mindfulness exercises


Many of us know the benefits of practicing mindfulness and staying in the present moment. But did you know practicing mindfulness can make drastic improvements to your mental, emotional, and even physical wellbeing? On this week’s blog, Community Manager and mindfulness enthusiast Ana Farr shares 5 mindfulness exercises that can actually change your body. You won’t want to miss this - check it out now!

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6 Simple Ways To Get Out Of A Funk two women rock climbing


Even the most spiritual and content people in the world can fall victim to a ‘funk’ once in a while. The world can be a challenging place and sometimes we get stuck in a bit of a rut. We’re all human after all! But if you feel like you’ve been in a funk lately and are ready to move past it, check out my list of a few things I personally do when I feel stuck, discouraged, and unmotivated.

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Mindvalley Presents: Exercises For Brain Training train your brain with these quick exercises


Have you ever been driving to work, mindlessly following the same route you take every day and realized you aren’t really paying attention to your surroundings? I think everyone can say we operate on ‘autopilot’ at one point or another. It’s only natural for us to not expend all our energy on something as monotonous as driving or brushing our teeth. But what if we fully engage our mind in these type of activities? What would happen?

On this week’s blog, Mindvalley Academy shares some brain training exercises to sharpen your mind. Check it out now!

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How To Combine Numerology With The LOA To Manifest More Prosperity! numerology and loa


Perhaps you’ve used numerology to uncover what your lucky number is or find out what your birthday date means. Yet, did you know numerology can depict so much more than that?  Especially combined with the Law of Attraction, this can be your secret weapon for creating more wealth and prosperity in your life! Check out how on my blog!

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