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Online Dating: 4 Ways To Stay Spiritual couples laughing


Have you ever been on a date with someone and felt like you were counting down the minutes until it was over? Or did you ever want to ask someone on a date but were too afraid you would be rejected? Let’s be honest, dating is hard! So how can you stay positive and spiritual while online dating? On this week’s blog, Life Coach and speaker Natalie Speakman shares quick dating tips - check it out now!

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Discover How To Tap Into Your 5 Universal Chakras 5 universal chakras


If you’re interested in energy healing, then you might agree that we give most of our attention to our 7 core Chakras. But did you know you have five Universal Chakras beyond your physical body, hovering just above your head? Unlike the commonly known 7 Chakras inside your body, your five Universal Chakras are the key to your innermost truths, beyond anything conscious or physical. Discover how to tap into them here!

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7 Ways To Bounce Back After A Setback bounce back after set back


Even the most successful and famous people in the world face failure and setbacks. Everyone has had to figure out how to recover and overcome rejection in order to truly thrive. But how do they do it? I’ve put together a list of ways to bounce back after a setback, check it out now!


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Tired Of Living On Autopilot? Create A Life of Purpose With These 10 Mindfulness Affirmations! mindfulness affirmations


Do you ever feel like you’re going through your days on autopilot? Are you just waiting for your dreams to come true so you can finally enjoy true happiness? If you’re ready to start seizing the day and living your best life, here are  10 of our best mindfulness affirmations that will help you create a life of purpose.

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My Life Is A Rubik's Cube: Part 6 life is a rubik's cube


Does the Universe really say “NO” to us? Sure, sometimes things don’t always work out as planned and sometimes our paths look different than we had initially imagined. But that doesn’t mean we should give up on our hopes and dreams! On this week's blog, published author Michael Fletcher shares part 6 of ‘My Life is a Rubik's Cube' and details how to play the game of life so your visions become your reality. Check it out now!

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7 Strategies To Master Productivity In The Workplace productivity in the workplace


Being productive - in what sometimes seems a mundane routine -doesn’t always come naturally or easily. And that’s normal! But there are ways to mitigate productivity-killers and get you motivated for success. For those days when you’re just not feeling driven, I’ve put together a list of steps I use to be more productive in the workplace. Check it out!

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Start The Journey To Discover Yourself discover yourself


Between balancing our personal and professional lives, life sometimes can be tricky. We want to be successful but we also want to be happy. In order to achieve both, we must discover our purpose. But how? On this week’s blog, Mindvalley Academy shares their insider tips on discovering yourself through hypnotism. Check it out now!

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7 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Melt Your Heart


Many people complain about the world being chaotic, the lack of connection between each and every one of us, and the loss of sense of community. Yet, what we fail to see is that change starts within us. If you’ve lost faith in humanity, it only means we need to make compassion, kindness, and gratitude a priority.

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