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An Introvert's Guide To Meeting New People an introvert's guide to meeting new people


Do you need a little help coming out of your shell and meeting new people? Does being an introvert sometimes prevent you from putting yourself out there when you actually really want to? Here’s a quick guide on how to meet new people when you’re an introvert. Check it out now!

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Reasons Why You Should Stop Being A Night Owl (And How) tips for better sleep


Do you need help getting to sleep at a reasonable hour? Are you over your night owl ways? Several scientific studies have shown that the amount (and quality) of sleep you get can significantly impact your body! If you’re ready to start implementing healthy habits to get a good nights sleep, check out these tips and hacks for getting some more shut-eye.

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Q&A Series With Natalie: Part 1 Q&A Series With Natalie: Part 1


Having reached over 5.8 million people worldwide, I’ve noticed I receive many of the same questions from students of all walks of life. Some want to know how to land the career of their dreams. Some want to learn how to banish their limiting beliefs around success. While others want to discover why they can’t seem to reach their goal weight.

Regardless of the question, many are the same. So, I’ve decided to start a short series of Q&A sessions with me, Natalie, where I’ll share some recent questions I’ve received along with some advice. I hope you enjoy!

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4 Simple Ways To Silence Your Inner Critic silence your inner critic


When faced with decisions, big or small, do you hear a little voice inside your head guiding you towards the worst case scenario?  Has that voice trained you to think negatively when faced with new or tough situations, causing stress, anxiety or even fear of failure? If yes, these 4 helpful tips are going to teach you how to silence your inner critic and start living your life with intent. Check them out now!

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Mindset Shifts For A Fulfilling Life mindset shifts


Do you have dreams of living a more fulfilling life, but just can’t seem to get there? When “life happens” do you feel overwhelmed instead of ambitious to tackle the day?  Are you longing for more but just can’t seem to crack the code? If life seems to just be passing you by, here are a few mindset shifts to help you achieve a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. Check it out now!

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5 Easy Life Hacks To Replace Old Habits  healthy habits


Have you noticed that your bad habits are starting to get the best of you? Do you want to start forming new healthy habits to shift the way in which you live your life? Well, it’s possible! Here are 5 easy life hacks you can use to reformat your daily routines to live the life of your dreams.

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Mental Shifts For Living A Happier, Wealthier, And More Successful Life mental shifts


Many things in life are out of our control. Whether it be experiencing really bad traffic, other people’s negative moods or actions, or unexpected illnesses. But there are a few things in life that are in our control, and if we understand how to harness this control, it can be absolutely life-changing. On this week’s blog, journalist and blogger Smith Willas shares a few mental shifts that will help you lead a happier, wealthier, and more successful life. Check it out now!

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5 Powerful Affirmations For The Lonely Soul sunset


“I will break through the illusion of emptiness.”

I simply love this affirmation, as it defines emptiness as an illusion - something we can break free from and move past. No matter how lonely or empty you feel at times, your soul sees you as “whole”! If you need a little help getting out of a slump, here are 5 positive self-help affirmations you can use to combat feelings of loneliness and harness the power of the Law of Attraction!

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