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Discover How To Use Your Power Of Intuition To Always Make The Best Life Decisions! Natalie Ledwell


Even though we’re all born with the fascinating and natural ability to know something without physical proof or evidence, know as our “intuition”, many of us choose to ignore it. Watch Law of Attraction expert Natalie Ledwell as she shares how to harness the power of intuition and live your life with greater clarity, confidence, and ease.

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My Life is a Rubik's Cube: Part 4 woman standing


Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” True to these powerful words, our lives are defined by the little challenges, obstacles, and successes we experience along the way. On this week’s blog, published author Michael Fletcher shares part 4 of ‘My Life is a Rubik’s Cube’ and details how to play the game of life so your visions become your reality. Check it out now!

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8 Travel Hacks for People on the Go woman traveling


Even for the most seasoned jet-setter, traveling can be hectic and stressful. Between planning, budgeting, crowded airports, and unfamiliar places, what’s meant to be relaxing can often be overwhelming. I’ve put together some of my favorite travel hacks to help make it an enjoyable experience. Check them out now!

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Skin Care Tips For 2018! skincare woman


Our resolutions usually have to do with weight loss or managing our finances better, but what about our skin? On this week’s blog, Mindvalley Academy shares their insider tips to achieving and maintaining healthier skin this year. Check it out now!


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[Video] Can We Guess Your #1 Money Block?


Are you struggling to reach financial success despite all of your talent and hard work? If yes, did you know the ‘money blocks’ in your subconscious mind could be hindering your success? Here are 5 common money blocks and how to clear them once and for all!

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Avoid These 7 Things If You're Feeling Overwhelmed woman reading a book


Even the most evolved people on the planet succumb to stress once in a while. The world is unpredictable, divided, and we’re inundated with a constant barrage of bad news. When we find ourselves in stressful times, we can become more vulnerable to stressors. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the top 7 things to avoid when you’re not in the best state of mind. 

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7 Amazing Personal Growth Apps Everyone Is Downloading (And Why) woman stretching


How much time of your day do you spend on your smartphone or tablet? Whether it’s texting, exploring apps, or scrolling through social media feeds, there’s no doubt we’re spending a lot of time on our mobile devices! So why not use them to achieve our goals? Here are 7 awesome apps that can actually create a positive change in your life. Check them out!

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My Life is a Rubik's Cube: Part 3 woman walking on the beach


We all face challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks that keep us from happiness. But it's how we handle these struggles that help define us and our future. Remaining calm in the face of bad or disastrous situations may be the best tool we have to respond to a situation.

On this week's blog, published author Michael Fletcher shares part 3 of ‘My Life is a Rubik's Cube' and details how to play the game of life so your visions become your reality. Check it out now!

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