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Mindvalley Presents: Exercises For Brain Training train your brain with these quick exercises


Have you ever been driving to work, mindlessly following the same route you take every day and realized you aren’t really paying attention to your surroundings? I think everyone can say we operate on ‘autopilot’ at one point or another. It’s only natural for us to not expend all our energy on something as monotonous as driving or brushing our teeth. But what if we fully engage our mind in these type of activities? What would happen?

On this week’s blog, Mindvalley Academy shares some brain training exercises to sharpen your mind. Check it out now!

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Why Communication Is The Key To Better Mental Health increase your communication skills for better mental health


For many of us, communication requires effort. It is an essential skill to build better relationships with your kids, significant other, coworkers, boss, clients, and many others. Communicating the right way builds trusts, improves problem-solving, and contributes to social and emotional well-being. On this week’s blog, we share an article from guest blogger Michelle Joe that reveals why communication is the key to better mental health. Check it out!

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Effective Office Yoga Techniques For Treating Back Pain relieve back pain at work with these yoga moves


With everyday stresses, obstacles, and workloads, it’s no wonder we don’t always prioritize our health. Whether that means eating foods that don’t provide proper nutrition, avoiding exercise, or sitting at our desks hunched over, it’s important to recognize these habits are bad for our health! On this week’s blog, we share an article from health and wellness writer Jon Spinesmart that highlights yoga moves you can do while at work for alleviating back pain. Check it out now!

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5 Surprising Ways Mindfulness Can Save You From Stress And Anxiety stress and anxiety


I know it can seem strange to say, but experiencing anxiety is not always a bad thing. When anxiety or stress kicks in, it’s a sign that our body needs to be balanced. And in small doses, it can help you take action, prevent you from danger, and can serve as a wake-up call to practice mindfulness. Discover 5 ways you can use mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety right here on my blog!

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Quick Ways to Reprogram Your Thoughts for Success reprogram thoughts


Research has shown that our thoughts have a powerful impact on how we feel, how we think, and how successful we are. It’s not always easy to access (and maintain) a positive mindset. Sometimes we need to find ways to reprogram our subconscious mind to think and act differently. I’ve put together some of my favorite shortcuts to get you there quicker.

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7 Reasons Why It's Worth Being a Morning Person morning person


Many people rush through their mornings, starting the day stressed out and bogged down by obligations. But I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “The early bird gets the worm” - and I definitely agree with this statement. For example, by waking up just a bit earlier every day, you provide yourself the time to do things you usually put off. Whether that be meditation, exercise, meal prep, or anything really! Here are the 7 ways being a morning person helps me and I hope you too.

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Coffee & Chocolate - The Health Facts You Need To Know coffee and chocolate


Ahh chocolate and coffee - a classic combo! Now if you’re like many people out there, I’m sure you love to make a hot cup of coffee in the morning and settle down at night while enjoying a nice piece of chocolate! So what about when you combine the two? On this week’s blog, we share a special article from author, teacher, and researcher Mitravinda Savanur where she shares the important health facts of these two popular items. Check it out now!

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6 Ways To Build Confidence Boost your confidence


No matter how confident you feel at times, everyone can experience doubts and insecurities in certain situations. We all need a boost of confidence sometimes, so I’ve put together a list of easy tips to put you back on the road to feeling great again. Check it out now!

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