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How To Combine Numerology With The LOA To Manifest More Prosperity! numerology and loa


Perhaps you’ve used numerology to uncover what your lucky number is or find out what your birthday date means. Yet, did you know numerology can depict so much more than that?  Especially combined with the Law of Attraction, this can be your secret weapon for creating more wealth and prosperity in your life! Check out how on my blog!

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10 Life Tips I'd Tell My Younger Self (That Could Save You Time & Worry) piece of advice


Do you ever wish you could go back in time and do things differently? How about the advice of a wise older person to save you time and worry? When I look back on my younger years, I wish I learned to trust and relax - knowing that things will all work out in the end. Here are 10 things I’d like to tell my younger self so I wouldn’t have focused so much on the future and instead just enjoyed the present! Check it out!

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7 Ways To Bounce Back After A Setback bounce back after set back


Even the most successful and famous people in the world face failure and setbacks. Everyone has had to figure out how to recover and overcome rejection in order to truly thrive. But how do they do it? I’ve put together a list of ways to bounce back after a setback, check it out now!


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Tired Of Living On Autopilot? Create A Life of Purpose With These 10 Mindfulness Affirmations! mindfulness affirmations


Do you ever feel like you’re going through your days on autopilot? Are you just waiting for your dreams to come true so you can finally enjoy true happiness? If you’re ready to start seizing the day and living your best life, here are  10 of our best mindfulness affirmations that will help you create a life of purpose.

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Do You Love the LOA? Then Check Out These 10 Best Manifesting Blogs! blue sky


As a law of attraction teacher and student, I’m constantly looking for fresh new articles that can help me stay informed, positive and inspired. Yet there are only a few that have had the power to challenge my perspective and create change in my life. Here are 10 of them.

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Dating In A Single World single woman


Most of us have a dating horror story: You got stood up, they weren’t who they said they were, they made you feel uncomfortable, they got too handsy -  you get the point.  And while we’ve all had a bad date or two (or three), this by no means you should give up on finding true love. This week, guest blogger and award-winning Life and Relationship coach, Monica Cobis, shares her tips to successfully date in a single world. Check it out!

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Discover How To Use Your Power Of Intuition To Always Make The Best Life Decisions! Natalie Ledwell


Even though we’re all born with the fascinating and natural ability to know something without physical proof or evidence, know as our “intuition”, many of us choose to ignore it. Watch Law of Attraction expert Natalie Ledwell as she shares how to harness the power of intuition and live your life with greater clarity, confidence, and ease.

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Inside Mind Movies: Our Favorite Habits for Happiness group pic


We all strive for everlasting happiness, yet there will always be things outside our control that ultimately will challenge our happiness. The secret lies in maintaining a higher vibration and creating habits for happiness that will make us feel fulfilled, peaceful and satisfied much of the time. Check out our personal favorite habits that help facilitate happiness here at Mind Movies!

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