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My High-Frequency Manifesting Secret Revealed!

My High-Frequency Manifesting Secret Revealed!

Ever find yourself yearning for your biggest dreams like… financial security, your dream home, or the freedom to chase your passions?

It's like craving a radio station but not quite tuning into the right frequency.

Here's why: mindset matters. And tuning into the right frequency is everything.

If negative thoughts take over, you might attract more doubt and worry instead of the abundance you crave. It's like sending out a signal to the Universe for more of the same low-frequency energy.

So when it comes to manifesting a specific item, goal, or lifestyle, it’s CRUCIAL to start from a happy place no matter what.

And I’m not just talking about any happy place, I’m talking about YOUR happy place – or the mindset you need to be in to dial UP those high-frequency emotions.

I want to get a little personal this week and I want to share with you my story of purchasing my very own condo.

You see, when I was married to my then-husband, Glen, and now business partner at Mind Movies, we’d owned several properties together over the years and, of course, lived together as a couple.

But it wasn’t until after our divorce that I had to start making money decisions for myself, without the help of a spouse.

So as a single woman at the time, navigating the ups and downs of life after divorce, learning how to lean into supportive friendships, managing my own money, and so on, it was important to me that I was in a positive headspace.

Being single and divorced was completely new and unprecedented territory for me, so although at times it was incredibly challenging, especially emotionally, I knew these low-frequency feelings wouldn’t last forever.

And one thing I soon realized, was that although my life would be different, it wasn’t over.

So it was my time to shift into a NEW version of Nat!

And one new thing divorce led me to was living in a brand NEW city! I had moved out of San Diego and just up north to Los Angeles to a neighborhood right by the water.

Manifest Now

And as soon as I arrived there, I knew I had found it. I found my happy place.

And it was a happy place of my own where I could make new memories and new connections and be the NEW Natalie I wanted to be.

So I rented an apartment there for a while but I had a goal of actually becoming a homeowner in this beautiful city.

And want to know WHY I knew this new city was my happy place?

Because of how it made me FEEL!

Things like being a short distance from the ocean, paddle boarding on the marina, and feeling the cool ocean breeze on my face as I rode my bike up the coast were all so important to me.

These moments brought me such peace, joy, and love, and allowed me to radiate at a high mental frequency.

And this is exactly when I knew that I found my happy place.

Because I felt an immense sense of gratitude, every day that I spent there.

And I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… The easiest and most powerful way to achieve an abundant mindset is  – Gratitude.

So! Because the frequency we emit out to the Universe is based on our emotions, when it comes to abundance, it’s important to make sure our emotions are a vibrational match to that abundance.

Focusing on finding the moments where and when you feel the most joy, thankfulness, love, and so on will help you establish your unique happy place.

So today, I want you to take a moment to really get clear on what your happy place is.

And this may not be attached to a goal right now, and it may not even be a physical place.

Manifest Now

It could simply be a certain activity you enjoy, a specific time of day, or a certain routine you practice.

When you are at your happiest, it’s often the biggest sign that you’ve found your happy place.

So really lean into those high-frequency emotions and think about when you experience the most gratitude, because more than likely, that’s your happy place.

Now, there’s one visualization exercise that I listened to help me get into my happy place faster, I also used it during this whole process, and I didn’t realize until later, that it helped me prime my mind to receive from the universe and get into that high frequency.

Just click here if you want to try it for free.

It’s one of my favorites because it’s very relaxing, especially before bed. I’m not sure if this visualization exercise was a decisive factor in my manifestation but I still want to share it with you because, who knows… This could truly open the door to more abundance for you.

The visualization exercise is free and I hope you enjoy it.


Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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