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Crucial Tips For A Healthy Relationship

5 tips for healthy relationships


This week we share a guest article from Mindvalley Academy, enjoy!

Relationships have become very critical in the modern world. But what does it take to build successful, trusting relationships these days? Everyone is seemingly overwhelmed with their work, their personal lives, and everything else going on that it’s often hard to commit to anything 100%. Factors like instability and differences in opinions have become the common cause of discrepancies in relationships. 

We need to imbibe some serious changes in not only our own lives but our way of thinking in order to have healthy and fulfilling relationships. 

We need to take lessons from our previous generations who didn’t have to learn to forgive the mistakes of their partners but instead had inculcated forgiveness as part of their nature from their situations. 

Here are some crucial tips that will help you in forming a healthy relationship with your partner:

1. Honesty is the best policy:

Be it any relationship in the world- husband and wife, mother and her child, boss and employee- one has to be completely honest with the other person for a better future. You gain trust in your relationships by being honest about all aspects of life. 

2. Limit the number of arguments:

It is healthy to have arguments in any relationship. It shows that you both are trying to explain your point of views to each other earnestly and want the other one to understand you. It shows that you want to develop the understanding with the other person. BUT, often the arguments take a dirty leap. In many situations, the arguments over small topics become bitter issues in life that snowball later on. Therefore, limit your arguments, pick your battles, and do not let it continue for long periods of time. Try to have healthy arguments and sort them out amicably later on. 

3. Respect their background:

Sometimes we start reacting to a situation which we find unfavorable without acknowledging the other person’s background and personal story. Especially in the case of couples! This can happen pretty often. We do not know what the other person has gone through in their life history or just before a situation. We start judging them with our own perspectives without considering circumstantial situations. Therefore, first try to find out the background story of the person and think calmly about it. Respect their background struggles and if you get to know of any- you will earn an infallible space in their life as a trusted partner and confidant.

4. Forgiveness is important:

We need to learn to forgive and forget in many occasions, situations, and incidents in order to move forward in a relationship. One cannot have a healthy relationship while having the nails of the past still digging in deep in their heart. Free yourself from all the sufferings and pain by practicing the art of forgiveness. It is vital and one of the most effective techniques to have a really healthy relationship. Remember one thing- whatever has happened in the past wasn’t strong enough to break you, because you are still standing together.

But whatever will happen in the present will be responsible for altering the consequences of future. 

So, be careful and remember that life is short. Make every moment count!

5. Express your concern:

We often meet people who say that they do not like the “expression of concern” by other people. But when we are in a relationship, we know that concern exists abruptly which gives strength to the mutual feelings. Thus, do not hesitate in showing your love and concern for the other person. 

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