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7 Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Pet


Thanksgiving is the time of year when most people reflect upon what they’re grateful for…  Their health, their jobs, their accomplishments…  …yet sometimes, they forget to acknowledge the friend that often brings them the most happiness… their pet!

If you’ve ever owned a pet, then you probably know how much love they can bring into your life (my dog Bella certainly does!), and for that reason alone, why not take a moment to celebrate them? Oh, but before we do that, I have a small favor to ask of you...

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7 Easy-To-Miss Signs You're Doing Better Than You Think


Modern life is full of pressures and expectations. So much so, that you may often feel inadequate or unsatisfied with your lot in life. If only you could have this, or do this, or look like that, or be like that person, your life would be complete… right?

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[Video] My #1 Tip For Overcoming FEAR


Be honest… When was the last time you wanted to do something really bad but FEAR got in your way of taking action? The truth is, each time you don’t do what you truly want to do, you pay the price. 

You see, nothing that’s truly valuable was ever achieved by playing it safe. And in order to create and live a life that you love, you need to take some risks, step out of your comfort zone and face your fears. 

So today ask yourself… “Do I want to be comfortable and safe, or do I want to be happy and free?” If you decide that you want to be happy and free then I think you’re ready for my #1 tip for overcoming FEAR: Love Yourself More!

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6 Ways To Invite Synchronicity Into Your Life


One of the many ways that the universe speaks to us is through synchronicity.  If you’re not sure what synchronicity is, or if you’ve never experienced it… let me ask you this - have you ever had a coincidence occur that was so extraordinary, that it left you stunned? If so, then you’ve most likely manifested the power of synchronicity! It’s like when you’ve had a song stuck in your head and then hear the same song on the radio… or when you thought about a friend that you hadn’t seen in a long time and then suddenly got a call from them.  It’s those synchronized series of messages or events that reveal our connection and alignment with the universe and everything around us.  And the more you focus your attention on these “coincidences”, the easier it is to invite them into your life.

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