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[VIDEO] Wealth Expert Shares How To Instantly Boost Your Money Manifestation Mindset


Many people struggle with the limiting belief that being both financially successful and a good, spiritual person are mutually exclusive. Here’s a 3 minute exercise video to help you manifest money in a heart-centered way.

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10 Affirmations That Will Boost Your Mind Power


The secret to success for reaching any goal is to access the subconscious mind and reprogram it with new and empowering information.

Affirmations and subliminal messages have the power to do this. Here are 10 affirmations that will reprogram your subconscious mind and boost your mind power...

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Meditation Game Plan: How I Went From Stressed Mind To Beautiful Mind… In 5 Days


Meditation is much like physical exercise.   You need to get into a groove. You need to stay consistent. 

You need to figure out a sustainable routine.

And if you start slacking… it’s frightfully easy to fall back into your old habits, reverse all the results you worked so hard for, and start avoiding mirrors because they remind you of your failure.

I’ve committed my life to personal growth for over a decade now, but am I immune to this phenomenon? Oh if only!

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RANT: You've Got The Wrong Idea About 'Negative Energy'


TRIGGER WARNING: What I'm about to say is going to offend some people.

It might anger you, set you off, or even cause you to dislike me (hopefully just momentarily)!

But I'm going to take the risk and say it anyway - because I sincerely believe countless people in our community need to hear it.

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