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7 Key Attributes of Highly Effective Coaches: Are You Ready?

7 Key Attributes of Highly Effective Coaches: Are You Ready?

Are you someone who dreams of taking control of your career and making a positive impact on others' lives? Do you envision being your own boss, working from home, setting your own schedule, and transforming lives forever? If so, personal growth coaching might be the path for you.

Over a decade ago, I found myself yearning for all these things and more. That's when I discovered the power of personal growth coaching through the global Mind Movies movement and The Mind Movies Method. I also manifested a 27x higher income, the freedom to travel the world, and the ability to live life on my own terms. Now, I'm blessed to help millions of people live their best lives while living mine to the fullest.

Today, I invite you to explore this transformative path that has changed my life and the lives of countless others: the path of personal growth coaching.

But before embarking on any profession, it's essential to understand what a coach is, and what he or she does.

What does a coach do?

A Life coach helps their clients achieve life goals, whether that’s a promotion, finding love, or getting healthier.

However, the most effective life coaches focus on a specific niche (health, career, finances, relationships…) based on their own experience.

Coaches can help you at:

  • Developing or changing your career

  • Becoming healthier

  • Losing weight

  • Building better relationships

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and obstacles

  • Becoming a better parent

  • Finding ways to manage your money better

  • Handling and getting through the grieving process

  • Developing your spiritual side

  • Becoming more productive in any arena of your life

  • Improving your leadership skills

And so much more!

With that, you see just how focused life coaches are on helping you achieve a goal.

The reality is that life coaching is a broad topic filled with hundreds of niches.

Essentially, there’s a life coach for everyone.

Whether you need some help with general life skills, family issues, life transitions, or your career, that type of coach exists.

How do you spot a great coach?

A great coach has a unique mindset shaped by coaching beliefs, values, ethical principles, and focus.

Here are 7 attributes:

1- They’ll provide clear and actionable advice.

They provide actionable advice in the form of a roadmap that clearly outlines how clients will reach their end goal, but most importantly how they can get even better results when they get there.

2- They’ll believe in you.

This is one of the most important parts of working with a coach – after all, clients are far more likely to achieve their goals if they’ve got someone in their corner, rooting for them. Even when you as a coach can’t guarantee results, it’s up to you to instill a sense of belief – that they can reach their goals – in them.

After all, clients hire coaches because they have the experience to help them build their confidence.

3- They’ll offer tough love.

A good coach doesn’t just tell their client what they want to hear. They tell them what they need to hear, even when it’s hard.

Why? Because that truth is what’s going to help your clients reorientate themselves and focus on getting the results they’re working toward.

Let’s say you’re a financial coach whose client can’t seem to manage money.

Instead of saying something like, “You’re trying your best – be patient,” you have to give them some tough love sometimes. This might look like this:

"You sought my assistance because you aspire to improve your financial well-being for the sake of your children's future. Together, we've developed a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals. Our initial focus is on making wise financial decisions, starting with budgeting and saving. However, I've noticed that you're continuing to spend money impulsively, neglecting the importance of financial stability.”

The truth is, this is the part of the job that often it’s not easy to say, but being truthful enough to have the hard conversations is a core part of good coaching.

4- They can hear what’s left unsaid.

They are not just great listeners but they can explore the unconscious beliefs and connection beyond what the person is saying. It is about hearing and understanding what they are not saying which allows the clients to find a greater awareness and understanding about themselves.

5- Great leadership skills.

A good coach has the ability to create a plan tailored to each client’s unique situation right from the start. Without a good plan, they won’t find results.

6- Great problem solving.

Even if you provide the most detailed steps, clients might still run into obstacles that they can’t work around. When that happens, all you can do is find a solution.

This is when you need to think back on not only your own experience in your niche but your coaching experience. What worked for you? What worked for other clients? How can it be used in this instance?

7- Accountability Amid Adversity: In moments of discouragement, a coach should always be holding clients accountable for their goals. By reminding clients of their purpose and the effort required, coaches inspire resilience and perseverance.

This is the only way a good coach can help his or her clients reach their goals and get the best results.

As you can see, coaching is about guiding clients toward their desired outcomes, exploring their inner world, and helping them unleash their full potential. It's a journey of continuous growth and learning, both for the coach and the client.

If you're ready to embark on this fulfilling journey of personal growth coaching, remember that it's not just about transforming others' lives, but also about transforming your own. Are you ready to take the leap?

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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