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6 Simple Ways To Get Out Of A Funk

Ahhh life ~ 

A constant rollercoaster of highs and lows, twists and turns, good days and bad days! This is what makes life interesting.

But have you been feeling stuck lately? Or maybe not quite yourself but you’re not sure why? Funks can happen to even the happiest and most spiritual of people. It’s just part of being human and having lingering limiting beliefs.

When it happens, though, it’s important to learn how to channel more positivity. Harnessing the Law of Attraction can help you get out of a funk, but some days it just seems impossible - and maybe even pointless - to try and keep keepin’ on! 

So what can you do when you find yourself in that position? There are many how-to-blogs out there, and lots of tips for success. But I do know when I’m not feeling 100% it can be hard to motivate myself to search around and pinpoint exactly what’s right for me.

So I decided to write my own how-to-blog for you, and for me :-), to have in one place so we can easily find it on the days when we need it most!

Here are my 6 simple ways to get out of a funk:

1) Get Outdoors

This is often the most difficult thing to do when you’re feeling low, but it’s also the quickest way to bring yourself out of the dark and into some light! A walk in fresh air will energize you, sharpen your mind, and elevate your senses. No matter how hard it can be to drag yourself outside, find a way to do it. You’ll see your mood improve almost instantaneously.

2) Find Gratitude

Even in the funkiest of funks, try to find something in your life to be grateful for. It could be as simple as the shining sun, your pet, your spouse, your healthy children, or having food to eat and a roof over your head. It might not seem like much, but finding things to be grateful for can be a true mood booster.

3) Give Yourself Some Love

Do something nice for yourself. Take a bath, see a movie, read a book, do some meditating. Anything that makes you feel good and feels like a luxury. At the very least, think kind thoughts about yourself. No beating yourself up! That’s a sure recipe for making your funk much worse. So be nice to yourself, whatever that means for you.

4) Get Out Of Your Head

We can be our own worst enemies, especially when we’re in a funk. Don’t let your mind get on the hamster wheel and further intensify your feelings. And another good thing to remember: feelings aren’t facts. You can change them at any time. So do your best to get out of your head.

5) Be Honest With Your Friends And Family

When you’re in this state of mind, it can be easy, and almost preferable, to isolate yourself. But if you share what’s going on with your friends and/or your family, it will help you get out of it much quicker. Sometimes just having someone to listen to you, not necessarily provide advice, can be just the springboard needed to start making your way back to a more peaceful state of mine.

6) Journal Your Feelings

This is not only helpful for your current mood but can also help the next time you feel that funk descending upon you like a winter’s storm. If you can keep track of what started the mood, the specific feelings you had during the mood, and how long it lasts - then it could also be considered a preventative measure. So get out that pen and paper and start writing! :-).

And last but not least - funks often can be about limiting beliefs, so if you need some help tackling those I encourage you to download my FREE book right now!

We all want to live out our dreams and it’s hard to do that in any kind of funk, so to get yourself into a higher vibration, download my book for free now!

Do you have your own ways to get out of a funk? Be sure to share them in the comments section.


Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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