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Manifest Your Best Life! 4 Gifts of Advice for the Gift-Giving Season


With the holiday season upon us, gift exchanges with family, friends, and co-workers are sure to become more and more popular as the days and weeks pass.

For a lot of people, there's no better feeling than finding that perfect present for a special person in your life. Something that will enrich and excite them so much that you can hardly wait to watch them unwrap it!

In fact, that's one of the best moments during the exchange... that time right before you unwrap a gift.

The anticipation, the merriment, the joyful feeling that whatever is inside could make your life better than it was just a few moments ago...

I'll admit it, I know there are a few of us out there who try to guess what could be inside before tearing open the wrapping paper. And if you're really hoping for a specific gift that year, you probably measure how big and heavy it feels... maybe you even give it a quick shake or two :)

The moment of truth occurs just after we tear the wrapping paper open and see the actual gift - the wonder is gone and all we are left with is the reality of what's inside. Life is full of give-and-take exchanges, sometimes we feel like we've given all we have, and we expect life to return in kind, but it doesn't always work out that way...

Here are four gifts of advice to keep in mind during this holiday season, so you can confidently manifest your best life:

Tip #1 Only take what is meant for you
This seems so simple, but we often find ourselves being jealous of, or wishing for, what other people have. This happens all the time when we open gifts in a group. We watch other people unwrap, and sometimes that little green jealous monster jumps out of nowhere!

However if you think about it, it makes no sense to get jealous over something that's not meant for you. Manifestation is not about piecing together images from other people's lives, but creating our own best life.

Tip #2 Bigger is not always better
A car would need one of the biggest boxes you've ever seen, but that same box could hold a tree stump. And a roll of quarters needs a bigger package than a $100 bill or a gift card to your favorite store.

Size does not always matter, what matters is how we use what we are given. The smallest acorn can grow into a towering oak and so too can our smallest gestures, grow into giant life-changing moments.

Tip #3 Keep the gift receipt
Sometimes we get a gift that just doesn't quite fit: a pair of jeans one size too small, or a winter hat that isn't needed during a life of a never-ending summer.

Just because the gift doesn't quite match your needs, it doesn't mean there's no value to it. If life hands you lemons, find the kid that got sugar and together create lemonade :)

But here's the thing, no matter what's inside, the real takeaway is that someone cared enough to think of you and took the time to give you something they thought would put a smile on your face! Which leads me to my 4th gift of advice.

Tip #4 Spend quality time with those you love
Time is possibly the most precious gift, and the most fleeting. Every moment that ticks by will never come again. So spend it with your friends and family and remember that you don't even have to know a person to give them the gift of your time.

Try volunteering at a local soup kitchen, buying presents for an Angel Tree donation, or inviting an acquaintance that you might not know very well to your holiday party.

Keep in mind that not everyone has as much as you do - you likely have a roof over your head, clean clothes to wear, and a computer to read this blog on (just to name a few). Remember that to successfully manifest all you desire, that gratitude is the greatest state of receivership!


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Did this blog get you ready to share the holiday spirit and embrace the gift-giving season? Feel free to share your comments in the box below :)



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