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8 Travel Hacks for People on the Go

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Traveling can be hectic and stressful, even for the most seasoned of travelers. No matter if it’s a weekend trip or a two-week vacation - packing, getting to the airport, and then dealing with crowds and security can feel overwhelming. Not to mention the preparation prior to leaving - deciding where to go, booking hotel arrangements, finding flights (especially if you need to travel on a budget) all can take the fun out of what’s meant to be a relaxing time.

But even with all the little anxieties that go along with traveling, there’s so much joy and passion to be had that can sometimes melt the stress away!

So today, I’ve gathered together some of my best travel hacks to help make you feel less stressed about the whole process. There are lots of little life hacks for busy people and just general thoughts about how to travel happily and peacefully. 

 8 Travel Hacks For People on the Go:

1) Go Incognito

No, you don’t have to come up with a disguise, unless you want to :-). I mean, go incognito on your browser when you’re searching for deals. Sometimes travel companies will try and charge more if you’ve been before, so using incognito mode will prevent this from happening.

2) Set up price alerts

Once you know when and where you’re going, you can set up price alerts for your flights. And if you’re flexible by a day or two, even better. Sometimes you can save upwards of $100-$200 just by having options for days on the front end or the backend. There are even apps to help you keep track of the flights you’re watching!

3) Make use of free stopovers

Depending on the airline, you could get two vacations out of one! Some airlines even let you extend your layover up to 7 days at no extra cost. So make sure to check with the airline before you book.

4) Take advantage of “real-time” apps

These apps help you, in real time, watch prices fluctuate. If you have flexible dates for travel, and even if you don’t, these are helpful in finding great deals on hotels, flights, flight lounges, and many other travel tips. I highly recommend checking them out before making your next travel arrangements. 

5) Stay organized

From packing to making sure you have a ride to the airport, staying organized is key. Do you get hungry on your flights? Pack some energy bars or jerky or even some instant oatmeal (flight attendants will provide the hot water). Get a durable water bottle that you can pack in your carry-on luggage and fill up at the airport. Roll your clothes to give extra room in your suitcase. And put something on your luggage, if checking, to make it stand out (colorful ribbon, luggage tag, luggage belt - to name a few).

6) Get a collapsing laundry bag

Easy to tuck into your luggage and nothing short of a lifesaver later to keep your dirty clothes, separated from your dirty clothes! Better yet - get a waterproof bag. Perfect for swimsuit season!

7) Add your flight number to your rental car

I’ve had this issue before - my flight was late, and the car rental company wasn’t aware and rented my reserved car to someone else. By alerting them of your flight number, they are kept in the loop of delays. It’s that extra step that will keep you less stressed if things aren’t going 100% according to plan.

8) Use the right credit cards and alert your bank before you leave

If you’re traveling internationally, some cards charge foreign transaction fees, so make sure to check with your credit company to see about those fees. Also, alert your bank ahead of time that you will be traveling so that you don’t run into trouble when using your card away from your usual spots. 

Those are some of my favorite travel hacks for successful and happy travels do you use any others? Share them in the comments section below!

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