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My Life is a Rubik's Cube: Part 4

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On this week’s blog, we share part 4 in a series of guest posts from published author Michael Fletcher. Enjoy :-)

Part 4: Rubik’s Cube Wedding Planners

You may recall from my last blog that I mentioned you could adapt the “Cube Concept” to apply to one goal like your relationships, business, health, creativity, and so on. Since each area of focus in our lives is likely complicated, you can apply the Rubik’s method of focusing to get it all done! So today, I want to share a couple of examples of that concept in action.

When I think of some of the crazier, multi-layered occupations in our world today, one would have to be a Wedding Planner. When you consider a job where there are a million variables and a thousand things that can go wrong in a minute, this occupation would be high on the list!

It takes a special kind of personality to be able to handle the demands and pressure while still maintaining an eye on the prize – in this case, the “PERFECT” wedding everyone desires! It is like working a Rubik’s Cube for many months that absolutely MUST be solved accurately in a single day! During months of planning and checklists, there is a constant pressure to be one step ahead of anything that might get in the way of the bride’s perfect day.  The bride and groom have already visualized this day, maybe even years in advance. There is typically a great deal of time and money invested in a wedding which includes clothing, catering, vows, music, space for a reception, flowers, and many more things to plan. (Oh, and don’t forget the minister!) 

I am blessed to have my beautiful wife and three lovely daughters, and we have all gone through wedding ceremonies, now with wonderful families blossoming before our eyes. Before all of that could happen though, the wedding planning had to happen! It was all handled primarily by my wife at our wedding, and each of my daughters for theirs, along with the help of some great friends. 

All of these weddings were what I would call “imperfectly beautiful”, with some flaws in every one of them. 

No, they were not perfect. There were often incidents that occurred during these sacred moments that could have been disruptive, but thankfully not disastrous.  We have turned that into an ongoing joke in our family - that every wedding must have a flaw somewhere in it - in order to bring good luck in the marriage!

When my wife and I were married we had several things go wrong at our wedding. Even before the big day, while preparing for the reception, my perhaps overzealous Best Man came off as a bit too helpful to the bride’s parents, and they were offended.  That took some damage control on my part.  At the actual ceremony, the priest when marrying us, of course, mentioned us by name several times during the ceremony. One time in the midst of the ceremony he used the wrong couples’ names! We took a big chance with an outdoor reception, and of course, it started to rain. The photographer was double booked and in such a rush that he actually cut our wedding cake for us and handed us the knife so he could simulate that we cut the cake! 

Guess what – I was able to step in and ease the situation with my Best Man. The priest got our names right 90% of the time and the marriage still “took”. The sun came out quickly and the reception was saved. My wife and I joked with every one of daughters at their own receptions that perhaps we should have the photographer cut their wedding cake! Especially since my wife and I are coming up on a 44 year anniversary in June.

When my oldest daughter Rebecca was married, the moment came for her and her new husband Michael to walk into the reception hall. The DJ was charged with introducing them for the first time. The crowd silenced, dramatic music announced their arrival, and the DJ proudly introduced them as Michael and Susan Fletcher – me and my wife! Wrong! 

Three grandsons later and we still wince a little about it, and laugh a lot! 

Perfect in its imperfection – This is our family joke now as we watch other weddings for the “flaw blessing”. Imagine if any of us had gotten upset or angry over some of these incidents I mentioned. A beautiful day could have been marred by anger if someone had panicked, gotten upset, or otherwise lost their calm. 

Life is a lot like a Rubik’s Cube, and a wedding planner must surely be required to solve it in order to be successful. If you are a wedding planner, looking for one, or you plan to be one, you really need a sense of the whole picture, a view from ALL sides. Challenges come and go in our lives sometimes in minutes, days, months and years. 

If you stop and look at the whole picture, you can relax, take a breath, and solve.  

My family discovered by accident that the best virtues that a wedding planner should have are a sense of humor, a short memory, and a focus on the whole picture - not just a one-sided view. Oh and I’d recommend a Rubik’s Cube sitting on the desk.

Think of the many other occupations that absolutely MUST produce results, without fail or attitude. The phrase - “The show must go on”, has never been lost on me. Actors certainly know this phrase well and understand that there are some situations where they are simply irreplaceable. As a musician, all of my fellow musicians know this rule too. It is extremely rare that any of us would ever cancel on a performance, especially on short notice because with one of us missing we are not a “band” anymore. There have been rare times when one of us has been so ill that they might have to add a bucket or bag beside them on stage in case nausea got the best of them. That is a “Wild Card” that can really mess with your plan for a perfect performance. But the show went on and usually, no one was ever the wiser. 

Calm and perseverance rule the day in many professions, and you can find ways to keep that vision in your own life.

Those are a couple of examples of professions where a sense of the whole picture, keeping calm and keeping the fire must rule the day in order to solve issues. You really are turning your problems into opportunities. Remember, sometimes you can get more praise for adjusting to change than if everything simply went perfectly all the time. You can be a hero for just doing that!

I’d love to hear some of your own examples of situations like this, where you have found out by luck or chance, that your attitude and how you dealt with an obstacle taught you this great lesson of adjusting to adversity. Someone or something else tries to take over your life and divert you from your goal or even make you angry and out of control. But you did not let that happen. 

It is your life and your Rubik’s Cube! You see the whole picture and you are in control.

More to come! 

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Michael Fletcher is a published author and Registered Sleep Technologist. Michael is passionate about writing, learning, and music. You can read more about Michael over on his website here!








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