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Skin Care Tips For 2018!

This week we share a guest article from Mindvalley Academy, enjoy!

Beautiful skin is what you should resolve to achieve this year. Healthy skin is capable of defying age and makes you look youthful and vibrant. Though skin care includes cleansing from within too, it is important for you to take care of it on the outside without feeling lazy and procrastinating your skin care routines. When you tend to your skin with care, it will give you results you can keep admiring in your mirror. It’s important to learn about various skin care products, the food you should be eating to have a healthy skin, and the treatments for specific skin problems in order to look and feel your best. 

Skin care -

Take a pledge this year to give good care to your skin, so that you can dare to go anywhere without makeup on and still feel confident. Following a skin care routine religiously will enable you to get a good complexion and a glowing flawless skin to go with it. You should step up your skin care by following the steps below judiciously.

Steps in Skin Care -

The steps involved in skin care are:


•Correcting the problems and imperfections



It is in this light that the skin care kits that are suitable for different top skin types are recommended and even sold in the market.  The skin care kit usually consists of

•A cleanser

•An essence or serum that is suitable to treat redness, acne, or dark spots on the skin

•A moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated  

•An SPF cream that will protect you from the harsh rays of the sun

However, the key to ensuring that the skin care kit produces expected results is to choose the products with natural ingredients - but still effective enough to give the expected result.

Skin Care Process - 

1. Choosing the products.

Choosing the skin care products as well as determining its effectiveness are quite cumbersome. If you are blessed with a good skin naturally you can opt for skin care products that are gentle and hypoallergenic to take care of your skin and maintain its health over time. But, if you are having a problem skin it is better to choose the products as per the advice of the experts. This will ensure that you do not aggravate the problem.

2. Make it a routine.

Do not get overwhelmed with the number of products that you have to keep applying and washing off your skin. Make it a routine and you will find that you will not be at peace until you have followed the schedule.

3. Try to go without make-up.

Your skin deserves to be free of make-up at least once a week. It will give it the skin the necessary reprieve from the heavy make-up cakes and helps it to breathe freely. If you are not confident about going out without a make-up, you may use products like retinol that will prevent the appearance of pores and give you the confidence to go without a makeup.

Skin Care Tools and Devices for 2018

The trendy tools that can help you achieve your goal of beautiful complexion and flawless skin in 2018 include:

Skin Scanner - This device can be hooked as an attachment on top of your iPhone and it gives you details about the hydration of the skin, pores on your skin and the size, whether you have fine lines, etc. The app in this device suggests products to care for your skin and also measures the improvement.

Skin toning device - It is a microcurrent device that uses metal spheres to channel electric waves through the skin. This results in the visibly toned body within weeks of use.

Advanced Electric Facial Cleansing brush - This device features ultraslim bristles that are very effective in removing sebum and dirt that has settled deep in the pores in an effective way.

Using the various skin care tools and products, as well as learning what to eat to get a healthy skin and what you should avoid will help you achieve the dream for a healthy skin in this year 2018! Do you have any tips for achieving healthier, beautiful skin? Share with the community below! 

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