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[Video] Can We Guess Your #1 Money Block?


I’m curious - what do you think determines your financial success? 

Perhaps you think it’s your education or background… 

Or maybe it’s your hard work or perseverance...

When I ask my students this question, most of them forget how important having a financial mindset is!

Your mindset towards money can deeply impact how successful you are. If you have negative feelings towards money, it could be due to blocks deep inside your subconscious mind - preventing you from obtaining that successful, prosperous life you’ve always craved! 

Regardless of who you are, where you come from, or how successful you are, we all have at least one money block that we’d like to get rid of. 

Can we guess what yours is? 

Here are the 5 most common money blocks (and how to get rid of them for good!)

1. The Evasive Block

This block doesn’t want you to acknowledge the importance of balancing your finances; so what it does is keep you away from paying attention to how much you're spending or how much you have in your bank account. 

Rather than help you face the truth about your finances, it simply tells you to avoid them altogether. 

How to beat it: Start a budget and put money away in your savings so that you have the sense of relief towards your balance rather than avoiding it. 

Be mindful of how you spend it, and be thankful for the things you can buy with it.  

2. The Fearful Block

Are you afraid of spending too much money? Do you suffer from buyers remorse too often? Chances are, the Fearful money block lives deep inside you!

This block is responsible for making you feel anxious even when you’re spending money on things that you truly need. 

How to beat it: if you feel this money block is getting in your way of a healthy and wealthy mindset, think of money as energy. Think of it as an exchange for something you value. Every time you make a purchase or pay a bill, you’ll feel grateful that you can pay for it.   

3. The Comforting Block

The Comforting block masks itself pretending to be your friend. It takes you on shopping sprees and wants you to feel infatuated with the rush and excitement of buying new things. 

But before you know it, you’re hooked on the habit of shopping for things you really don’t need and using this as a temporary solution to make yourself feel better. 

Can you spot it? 

This results in a vicious and very expensive habit that burns through all your extra money without ever making you happy in the long run. 

How to beat it: If you’re feeling down, sad, anxious or just bored, make sure you know the root cause of your problem. 

If it’s outside of your control, instead of spending money, invest in yourself by taking a soothing yoga class, go out with a true friend, or read a very enriching book. 

4. The Undeserving Block

This block goes above and beyond to make you feel unworthy of having more money, and whenever you accomplish a goal or milestone, it makes you think it was luck who got you there instead of your unique gifts or talents. 

How to beat it: resist the temptation of feeling like a victim and instead acknowledge your strengths, especially when you’re feeling down. 

Share your passions with others by teaching a class or helping someone in need, and never make excuses for your success or minimize your accomplishments :-) 

5. The Disrespectful Block

This money block doesn’t allow you to take money seriously enough. And as a result, you don’t make it one of your priorities. 
And guess what? This is exactly why you haven’t established a successful relationship with money yet. 

How to beat it: treat money with respect and give it the time it deserves. Then “it” will respect you back. 

Can you spot any of these 5 money blocks sabotaging your financial success? Feel free to comment below and share with our community! 

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