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Visualization + Action for Ultimate Success!

Visualization + Action for Ultimate Success!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that manifesting your goals begins with tuning into the right frequency - the mental, spiritual, and emotional state that lets you shine as your best, most magnetic self.

Embracing high-frequency emotions like peace, love, joy, and pride paves the way for gratitude, which is a fast track to achieving your dreams.

I feel truly grateful to have experienced these high-frequency emotions, especially during a time of significant emotional and spiritual challenges in my life.

In previous blog posts, I’ve shared how navigating life after divorce was a completely new journey for me. I had to adopt a fresh outlook on life.

I had to get used to what life would be and look like without a person who had been in my life for over twenty years! I had to learn how to be happy again.

And I had to learn how to make decisions as a single woman. If you've experienced divorce, you know how it can turn your life upside down.

So to try and keep my mind focused on my goals and aspirations while navigating life after divorce and my next new chapters, at times, felt completely out of reach.

But what I still had was my happy place. Having this incredible new city to live in by the water always seemed to keep me in that high frequency.

My Happy Place

Before finally becoming a homeowner here, I would spend lots of time taking walks on the beach, listening to uplifting and empowering music and meditations. Here I was able to use my happy place as a place to bring me back to the center.

It gave me the clarity I knew I needed to be able to move forward with my life, feeling ready to take on the world again.

There was something VERY empowering about knowing that I had the power to determine who I got to be in that moment.

I used visualization every day and recited powerful positive affirmations to keep my mindset exactly where it needed to be.

I knew everything about the new condo I wanted to own and the kind of life I wanted to have in the future.

But what also came with that was knowing that I had to learn how to manage my own money.

And learn how to make the kind of financial decisions that still allowed me to thrive as an individual.

You see, half of the work is tapping into the right mindset and frequency to help the Universe reveal all of the different goals you are looking to manifest.

But the Universe can’t do all of the work on its own. It requires action. It requires action that is intentional and in total alignment with the future you, you are wanting to be.

Time To Take Action

I knew how to think abundantly but I also knew I had to act abundantly to really materialize my goal of owning a condo by the water, that much more seamlessly.

So! It was time to take action. I had to take action to determine exactly what I could afford and what my monthly payments would be.

And what you must note is that there’s actually no such thing as the wrong action. No matter how small a win is, it’s still a win, right?

Well, the same goes for action. All action leads you to the right path and the right decisions.

And to be honest, the deepest, most vivid visualizations have no way of becoming reality unless you are also pairing them with inspired action!

I learned that action allows you to put yourself in the right place at the right time to not only receive but make use of all of those chance encounters, connections, collaborations, opportunities, and true gifts the Universe has to offer you.

When it came to manifesting my dream condo, I reached out to friends and associates to find a real estate agent that I trusted. I leaned into the resources around me – be it direct contacts, recommendations from those I trusted, word of mouth, and so on – to make sure I was setting myself up for the best outcome.

I met with a financial advisor to help me determine the exact amount of money I would need to put down to make sure I had no problem locking down the condo I wanted.

I was put in touch with just the right person who was already familiar with where I was looking to live and provided me with the pertinent information I needed to know to live there.

For instance, the condo I wanted to buy only accepted loans from a specific bank. Had I not done my research and reached out to various people, I would never have known this and might have jeopardized my chance of getting the condo.

This example shows how combining action with your visualizations can guide you precisely where you want to be.

So today, think about your specific goal and identify a few action steps you can take to turn that vision into reality.

Remember… there’s no right or wrong… Just keep moving forward - 

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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