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Dream It. See It. Be It: Visualization for Manifestation!

Dream It. See It. Be It: Visualization for Manifestation!

Are you ready to turn your biggest dreams into tangible realities?

I know it might seem like a daunting climb at first, but trust me, the journey is far more attainable than you might imagine.

The key? It's all about cultivating the right mindset.

In my own experience, I've discovered that having the correct mindset is the ultimate game-changer.

It's about shifting your thoughts and behaviors to align with the abundant, healthy, and generous version of yourself that you aspire to become.

In my latest blog post, My High-Frequency Manifesting Secret Revealed, I shared the importance of using your happy place and crystal clear intentions to really shift yourself into the high frequency of gratitude.

Allowing all of those high vibrational feelings and emotions to be the guide to continued and prolonged abundance.

You see, to master just about anything, you’ve got to be able to put your mind to it! That means the right thoughts, the right attitude, the right vibrational frequency, and so on.

Our minds are so incredibly powerful! So much so that they have a hard time deciphering what’s real and what’s actually in our imagination.

This is why in this blog post, I want to show you the incredible power of visualization and highlight the immense potential it holds when practiced consistently.

I also wanted to provide you with tangible evidence of how with its power I manifested my dream condo by the water in my own life, so you can see what's possible for you too.

So from the time I was able to lock down exactly what I wanted in my future condo, and after getting really, really clear on my intentions and knowing what life would look like for me in my new place, it took me about 2 months to make that dream a reality.

Can you believe it???

2 months of laser focus on manifesting my desired outcome.

2 months of consciously shifting myself into the right abundant mindset to keep my vibrational frequency elevated.

2 months of being so incredibly determined to become a permanent resident in my happy place.

2 months of not letting anything stand between me and my goal.

So what that really looked like was 2 months of using visualization EVERY SINGLE DAY to reveal my new dream oasis.

And studies have revealed that it can take just under one month to form a habit.

So after a certain amount of days repeating the same thing, you could find yourself becoming a completely brand new person.

Whether it’s a spiritual goal like incorporating meditation into your everyday routine, or a health goal to lose a certain amount of weight, getting into a regular flow or habit takes repetition.

So when we feel frustrated or stressed that our goals aren’t moving along the way we hoped or as fast as we hoped, more often than not, it means that we just have to keep at it!

And what you must also remember is that it’s going to take patience.

Part of navigating patience when you feel eager and excited for your goals to reveal themselves quickly is all about trusting the process.

Trusting the process means allowing yourself to really surrender to knowing that the best possible outcome is out there waiting for you.

It’s just a matter of you harnessing all of your manifesting tools and high-frequency energy and letting the Universe work its magic.

So again, after using visualization every day, I was able to finally sign the paperwork on what was only just a vision just 2 months prior and became the homeowner of a place I had built deep in my mind's eye.

With your happy place in mind and harnessing the clarity you have uncovered toward the goal you are looking to manifest at this time, I want you to try and use visualization like you have never done before!

So keep your mind fixed on that one single goal you are working toward and fully immerse yourself in that vision with all of your senses.

Think of the sounds, the smells, the visuals, everything you feel both by touch and your emotions. Think about what it feels like already being there or already having achieved this goal.

Adding in these external cues and anchors helps to supercharge your visualizations.

And I also want you to make a commitment to stick to this visualization ritual for at least one month because, after that, it’s probably going to be something you do automatically.

Repetition is what creates the new neural pathways in our brains that carry the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are completely in alignment with the new version of you that you are creating for the future.

And soon, maybe in 2 short months, your goal will be your new reality.

Now, there’s one visualization exercise that I listened to throughout this time when I was trying to manifest my condo, and I didn’t realize until later, that it helped me prime my mind to receive. Just click here if you want to try it.

It’s one of my favorites because it’s very relaxing. I was using it before going to sleep and sometimes in the morning before getting up. I’m not sure if this visualization exercise was a decisive factor in my manifestation but I still want to share it with you because, who knows… This could truly open the door to more abundance for you.

The visualization exercise is free and I hope you enjoy it.

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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