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Relieve Holiday Stress By Healing Your Chakras!

Relieve Holiday Stress By Healing Your Chakras!

Well, the holidays are here! And in addition to fun festivities and fantastic food, the holidays can also bring on a little thing called holiday stress. From organizing last-minute gifts to coordinating holiday travel, this time of year can be a big energy drainer. But maybe it’s your chakras that need a little unblocking to get back into the holiday spirit. That’s why I’m sharing some tips for relieving holiday stress this year, that I’m sure we could all use :-). So here’s how to use chakra healing to make sure your energy cup is only filled with holiday cheer this season.

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1. The Root Chakra

It is the Root Chakra that forms our connection with the Earth, so grounding is an incredible energy healing practice to get realigned in your daily life. Remember, this chakra is located right at the tailbone, so activating and warming up your lower half is going to kickstart that energy flow. So take a moment to yourself in nature by spending quiet time in a park or going for a walk and then allow all of your to-dos around the holidays pass through this refreshed energy frequency within you. That means making lists (and checking them twice), marking off what’s been accomplished, and then really providing yourself with the confidence and security that everything is happening just as you want it. Getting grounded is truly the first step in leaving holiday stress at the door.

2. The Sacral Chakra

Even if it feels like there just isn’t enough time in the day, don’t forget about all of the wonderful joys and blessings in life this time of year reminds us of, and allow yourself to consciously acknowledge those feelings. The Sacral Chakra is responsible for our creative life force, helping us to enjoy our time on Earth… so get out there and enjoy it! When you do this, you are instantly releasing all of the built-up energy within you, allowing it to happily flow outward, and simultaneously nurture those needing a little spirit-lifting in their lives. There is always a reason to smile, and you owe it to yourself to indulge in what the holidays are all about. We all experience stress from time to time, but don’t forget that life is meant to be enjoyed, so find a reason to be the holiday cheer for yourself and those around you.

3. The Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus, also known as the Warrior Chakra, provides us with the personal power we need for self-confidence and having a sense of identity. And just like a warrior, we too must use the energy within us to conquer life’s battles. So the healing technique to use here is that of taking and staying in action. This holiday season, that may look like taking the lead on organizing holiday gatherings or helping to prepare holiday meals. Perhaps it is cranking up the holiday tunes or playing games to get your guests in the holiday spirit. Allowing yourself to take on the workload around the holidays with an open heart is going to help release bad energy. And things like meditation and breath-work can also be used to help build energy, all of which create the energy flow needed to tackle your holiday tasks this season.

4. The Heart Chakra

At the end of the day, it’s really love that brings us all together during the holidays. And the Heart Chakra is what connects us to everything we love, in the form of compassion, kindness, and empathy. Having an open Heart Chakra provides us with love for others and love for ourselves, and what better time than the holidays to unblock any stress in this area. So things like, expressing gratitude and showing kindness, are really going to help awaken the energy flowing in and out of the heart. It’s important to be mindful of your actions during this time of year, making sure to avoid unnecessary thoughts and emotions that can ignite poor reactions. When you remember to always come from a place of unconditional love, you are on your way to experiencing a stress-free holiday.

5. The Throat Chakra

When we want to voice our personal truths in a way that is clear and convincing, we have the Throat Chakra to thank for that. Sometimes the cause of holiday stress is rooted in a lack of communication. So to heal this chakra, it’s best to communicate as clearly as possible to make sure those closest to you this holiday season are all on the same page. Things like, divvying up tasks or balancing out the load, are great ways to make sure no one, including yourself, gets too overwhelmed this year. Be kind, and also be firm, simply reassuring those around you that everything is going to be a-okay. Be the leader in voicing those strategies and watch as holiday stress starts to fade away.

6. The Third Eye Chakra

You see, all it takes is a little visualization of how you want the holidays to turn out, to keep the positive energy flowing. So, you can use visualization to awaken those extrasensory vibes and show your mind that you are having an absolutely wonderful, stress-free holiday. The Third Eye Chakra is what opens our minds to what’s beyond the five senses, in other words, your intuitive and psychic perceptions. So imagine feeling calm and relaxed as you look around the dinner table and see your loved ones smiling and laughing or your friends joyfully opening up their holiday gifts. It’s simple chakra healing tricks like these that have the power to let happiness unfold and materialize in your world.

7. The Crown Chakra

The time is now to decide exactly how you want this holiday season to unfold. Built-up stress will only lead to more stress, further blocking your Crown Chakra. So I recommend coming up with your official holiday mantra this year, as the Crown Chakra is responsible for our thought and conscious energy, connecting us to the entire Universe. So when you express to the Universe that you are calm, relaxed, joyful, and grateful, you are only setting yourself up for a truly amazing holiday season.

And I just happen to have a little something extra to further awaken your energy and get you into a healthy state of flow… and that’s Chakra Awakening! Reserve your copy today to allow every area of your life to fully thrive by healing and nourishing your 7 Chakras.

Let’s leave the holiday stress at the door and start awakening the power to heal ourselves from within. Here’s to a healing holiday season!

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