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Enhancing Productivity Through Mental Health

Enhancing Productivity Through Mental Health

On this week’s blog, our guest Aimee Laurence will share how to enhance your productivity levels through mental health! Enjoy! ;-)

Mental health is a hot topic these days with actors, celebrities, and businesses all vying for space to talk about it and its sometimes lethal effects on society.

While mental health is an important topic, it begins to hit a little harder when you find that mental health has a direct effect on productivity.

While someone suffering from depression may have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, many don’t, but still struggle to produce productively throughout their shift.

Those suffering from anxiety may find that they are unable to continue their shift due to increasing worries or panic attacks striking while assignments and work looms.

“Of course, there is also stress, which can also have debilitating effects on mental health even though someone may not suffer from a pre-existing mental health condition. Stress can be good, though, it’s just about finding a balance that feels healthy and productive” explains Christopher Sherron, a Health writer at Boomessays and Academized.

According to the World Health Organization, work can be good for mental health but working in a negative work environment can be destructive to the brain and can lead to mental and physical health problems.

For a healthy person, stress can usually be dealt with as it comes as long as it’s one stressful event at a time. It’s when things begin to pile up and the world starts to feel like it’s on fire that stress can easily lead to anxiety.

Letting these stressful events turn into anxiety can have debilitating effects on productivity, starting with lack of sleep, leading to an irritable mood, lack of motivation, and ultimately, more stress.

It’s a cycle of stress that seems to never end unless you stop and examine what is going on and start acting. Anxiety is extremely common in the workplace, and with the debilitating condition, comes an even more debilitating result.

Panic attacks are an extreme form of anxiety, and for some, it can truly feel like you are in a life or death situation. While anxiety is a normal response to stressful events, too much of it can be detrimental.

Some of the signs of someone suffering from anxiety can include: excessive worry, decreased attention, distraction, insomnia, increased heart rate, chest pains, dry mouth, nausea, and the list goes on.

Anxiety and panic attacks both can be quite distracting and anti-productive, as all of your focus leans toward the condition rather than the tasks at hand.

One of the things you can do to combat this loss in productivity is to take notice of the anxiety and design a coping mechanism such as deep breathing exercises.

Another way that mental health can directly impact productivity is through depression.

In fact, depression may be the number one reason for lost of productivity in the workplace.

According to WHO, depression and anxiety combined have resulted in an estimated 1 trillion dollars lost in the economy due to lost productivity.

Globally, nearly 264 million people suffer from depression, many of them also suffering from anxiety as well.

“One of the main reasons for depression in employees is because of a negative work environment which can be caused by a number of factors including poor communication, an unwelcoming team, lack of support, long work hours, and more” says Jeremiah Taylor, a Health blogger at Ukwritings and Assignment Help.

Some of the debilitating effects of depression in the work environment can include mood swings, crying spells, loss of interest and motivation, and isolation, all of which will result in decreased productivity and unhealthy employee relationships.

Mental health, while gaining traction lately, is often overlooked in places of business. Most often, though, the lack of diagnosis and treatment is due to the employee who will often shy away or refuse to seek medical help.

Creating a healthy and sustainable work environment is important for any business. Mental health problems can lead to drastic decreases in productivity, but it can also lead to a stagnant team who may slow down or leave entirely as their mental and physical health declines.

Organizations and businesses have a responsibility to support individuals dealing with mental health problems as they continue to or start to return to work.

While mental health problems are sometimes hard to identify in most, taking steps to a healthier environment for workers may take away the factors contributing to employee mental health decline.

For employers, creating proper health and safety policies and involving employees in the decision-making process are just some ways to take steps toward a healthier environment.

Identifying and rewarding employee efforts are important as well while encouraging taking breaks for those working long or arduous hours.

Team building will also prove beneficial in the efforts to create a healthier environment for employees. Allowing coworkers to learn more about one another and grow in a safe and secure way will allow for employees to feel better about the people they spend their days with.

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Aimee Laurence is a freelance writer at Best Essay Services and UK Writing Services Reviews. She is also a social media marketing keynote speaker whose goals are to engage with her audience in thoughtful ways while helping improve personal connections. When Aimee isn’t writing at Best Australian Writers or speaking, she enjoys hiking and trying new recipes at home.

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