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Q&A Series With Natalie: Part 3

Q&A Series With Natalie: Part 3

Hello Mind Movies community - and a big welcome to the third blog post in our Q&A Series with me - Natalie! ;-)

If you missed our second Q&A post, you can find it right here!

We’ve created this series to share some of the questions my students ask. From questions about the law of attraction, healing methods, wealth & abundance, relationships, product inquiries, and so much more - our community is constantly sharing their stories and their journey in personal development.

We foster a safe community here at Mind Movies and want to continue to grow and nurture our Mind Movies family.

So are you ready for part 3? ;-)

Question 1:

“Hi, Nat. So I pretty much finished making my Mind Movie and I wanted to check and make sure I’m on track. About 75% of it is on relationships while the remaining 25% is for money and wealth. Is it wise to cross those boundaries with the two different areas or not?” ~ Ian (Mind Movies Student)


I get this question a lot - and it’s a great question. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on just one area of life, and that’s ok. For example, if you are looking to build and expand the relationships that you have in your life, you may find that you need to shift your mindset to attract positive people into your life. Once you start shifting your mindset, you will raise your vibration. You see, once you start doing this you may start attracting positive outcomes in your life that also have to do with wealth and prosperity! So placing more importance on your relationships first is totally ok, because that doesn’t mean you’re cutting off your goals for more wealth and money. Just be patient and start watching your Mind Movie for three minutes a day!

Question 2:

“Hi. My desire is to become a life coach but how do I get started? I work a really intense job and don’t have time to read because I’m constantly driving. How do I learn what I need to learn while still staying in my current job?” ~ Scott P. (Money Switch Activation System Student)


Hi, Scott. My best advice is to get some free audio books on personal development. Sounds to me like your job requires you are on the road a lot. Audiobooks are the perfect solution if you can’t find the time to sit down and actually read. Plus, there are tons out there on the topic of becoming a Life Coach. So I’d highly recommend checking these out so you can learn on the go! ;-)

Question 3:

“I have an intention that involves my family. My intention is to have my family reunited in love and harmony but there’s an individual in my family who’s trying to prevent his from happening. So how do I make an intention for that to happen to my family when I’ve got somebody actively working against it? Any help is appreciated!” ~Michelle (USM Student)


So what I understand is that you want peace, harmony, and love within the family - but there is a person in your family that does not want this. I’d like to share a personal experience here just so that we can expand on this. I’m one of 8 kids and I get along with everyone in my family - except for my brother Paul - we get along still but he has been a challenge. But what I’ve learned over the years practicing in this space is that everything starts with you. So instead of letting Paul prevent me from happiness, I started recognizing why he can push my buttons. I started acknowledging that he is negatively impacting me. And once I realized everything started with me and my emotions, everything changed. So yes, you can still have the intention to bring the family closer. And in order to move towards that intention, you need to do some internal work. Why is this person triggering you? Why are you letting them get to you? When you look at someone else’s life it helps you feel empathy and compassion towards the situation instead of resentment. I recommend you still strive towards this intention but first start with you!

Question 4:

“Can you help explain how the Mind Movies work? I’ve been doing them routinely but it would help if I understand how they actually work and what the process is? Thanks in advance!” ~Brian (Mind Movies Student)


Hi Brian, great question. Mind Movies are digital vision boards that we recommend watching for three minutes a day. It’s great to hear you are incorporating them into your routine. You see, when you watch them on a repetitive basis and doing these visualizations, what’s happening is that you’re creating these new neural pathways in your brain. So these new neural pathways create room for new thoughts and emotions. Any limiting belief you have or negative thought you have has been ingrained in your mind since we are constantly repeating and thinking these things. So now we need to repetitively start thinking positive thoughts that are in line with what we want, creating new pathways so they are the thoughts that travel from our subconscious mind to the conscious mind. Once you’re changing your thoughts, they automatically change your actions. So when you got these positive thoughts coming through, it’s pushing negative programming out.

For me, I know that fitness used to be a huge chore for me. I associated it with a negative chore that I didn’t want to bother with. But now that I’m watching my fitness Mind Movie, I feel motivated. I’m waking up before the alarm, I’m already dressed and ready to go by the time the alarm goes off. I am good to go because it shifts everything in you. So that’s how you get on top of all of that. Make sure that the things you are challenged the most with, that you have them as affirmations in your Mind Movie to help you create the life you want. Hope that helps!

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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