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The 3 Money Missteps You're Making (And How To Break Free For Good!)

The 3 Money Missteps You're Making (And How To Break Free For Good!)

Can you guess the most common reason people seek assistance in their personal development?

Well, after ten years of coaching, I have found the biggest reason is:


And specifically, the lack of money or the desire to make more money appears to be the general block people have. When you are not earning the kind of money or experiencing the abundance you crave, it can be one of the hardest hurdles in life to overcome.

But here’s the issue - many of us are waiting for that next big break to start bringing in more. With the hopes of things like a pay raise or even the chances of winning the lottery, we can get disappointed when that big break never comes. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely no problem with wanting to stay positive and be optimistic about success or wanting more for yourself.

But what if instead of hoping for that big break, you take mindful action to uncover the small yet worthwhile steps you can take towards bringing in the kind of income you’ve always desired?

That’s why I would like to go over the money missteps you could be making and how to overcome them to get you in the money mindset of abundance.

Pinching Pennies

So let’s get to the root of the issue - why do so many of us have such a hard time making ends meet, let alone putting away a portion of our earnings every month? Well, there are 3 tips for success I tell my students when they are wanting to save more:

1. Set a savings goal

Like any goal, you are much more likely to focus on and achieve them when you make it a point to actually set the goal. Savings goals work just the same. The key here is to establish a realistic financial goal for how much you’d like to save over the next 1, 5, and 10 years. So go ahead and whip out your calculator so you can do the math on exactly how much that is.

Then put that amount away and stay tuned in on the portion you are trying to save. Remember to keep visualizing and meditating on that number. When you shift your mind to focus on your savings goals, you are leaving no room in your mind for the thought of not having enough. Both setting your goal and seeing your goal is crucial to shifting your frequency to holding on to more income.

2. Pay yourself first

Once your saving goal has been established, the next step is to pay yourself. Let me explain -

When people get paid, they usually tackle all of their bills first, before putting away whatever they have left over - if anything - for personal savings. It can be extremely hard to get ahead of saving when you look at your account with hardly anything left after paying up your monthly bills.

So let’s try switching this habit. At the beginning of the month, start by putting away the exact amount you need to keep on track towards your saving goal. This way, when you pay yourself first, you are shifting your money mindset by leading with abundance. You are establishing a trend or pattern that the Universe can use to put you into the frequency of attracting money. You see -

You become the money magnet.

So instead of depleting your income at the top of the month, you are taking inspired action to set yourself up for success by only bringing in healthier and wealthier beliefs about money.

3. Do the inner work

Are you familiar with deep-rooted abundance blocks? Well, they are the limiting beliefs that many people have that they are somehow not deserving of money. And often, they subconsciously find ways to get rid of it, even after it has come to them. That’s why freeing yourself from these limiting beliefs is a crucial part of inviting more wealth into your life. You matter…and you are completely deserving of whatever it is that you want to attract. So you must be willing to open yourself up to more abundance instead of resisting what you truly deserve.

Let’s be honest, financial freedom is high on many of our lists. And when it comes to living the kind of life we’ve always dreamed of, I want all of my students to experience exactly what they desire in life, including you. But I have to say, all of the amazing things that I have been able to welcome, wouldn’t have been possible without the daily practice of gratitude.

That’s why I would like to share this very special gift to show my appreciation for you and your commitment to seeking personal growth in your life. 

This immersive pack is going to show you exactly how to awaken your mind to the frequency of gratitude, bringing on amazing results in your career, relationships, and, of course, finances. So here’s to your most abundant self!


Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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