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Q&A Series With Natalie: Part 2

Q&A Series With Natalie: Part 2

Hello Mind Movies community - and a big welcome to second blog post in our Q&A Series with me - Natalie! ;-)

If you missed our first Q&A post, you can find it right here!

We’ve created this series to share some of the questions my students ask. From questions about the law of attraction, healing methods, wealth & abundance, relationships, product inquiries, and so much more - our community is constantly sharing their stories and their journey in personal development.

We foster a safe community here at Mind Movies and want to continue to grow and nurture our Mind Movies family.

So are you ready? ;-)

Question 1:

“Hi Nat. I’ve been inspired to open my own business but not sure where to start. I’ve read a lot of self-help books about entrepreneurship but seems a bit daunting to actually take the first step. I also would like to start attracting a higher vibration of people into my life, that motivate me and keep me on track towards my goals. The reality is I just don’t have a lot of money to start my business right now so wondering if you have any inspiration?” ~Robyn (USM Student)


Starting your own business can, in fact, be daunting! So I understand where you are coming from. It took me years to finally trust the process and take the plunge to open my dream business, Mind Movies. We went in over $120k in debt, couldn’t sleep, were physically and emotionally drained. But it was all worth it. You sometimes have to be willing to take risks in order to reach your desired outcome. And sometimes you will experience ups and downs along the way - it’s just a part of the process and learning as you go. It sounds like you want to start just by learning more about entrepreneurship. My really good friend Sage Lavine has a community called Women Rocking Business, I urge you to check this out! She helps women from all over the world create successful businesses and pursue their dreams without having to make large financial investments. For you Robyn, I think you should begin researching some communities of like-minded people and start networking. I think you can learn a lot from other people on the same journey as you, I hope this helps!

Question 2:

“I have so many ideas and passion projects, and really feel it’s time to start making money off of something I love. I’ve been in insurance for over 30 years and it just doesn’t bring me any joy. Only pays the bills, if you know what I mean. So I guess my question is, how can I put energy and focus into my passion projects but still pay the bills?” ~Mildred (Mind Movies Student)


So this is a very common question Mildred! Many of my students want to start getting paid for doing something they love. And it’s totally doable. I recommend to start looking at your insurance job as a temporary situation, knowing that your future doesn’t require you to be in insurance - and that you can change your scenario and your life in general. You just have to be willing to put in a bit of work. Once you start looking at this as temporary, you open up space for something else and you will shift your perspective on your life. So many of my students come to me telling me they feel ‘too far gone.’ And that just isn’t true. You are never too far gone to change your life. I urge you to start journaling about your passion project and start a pros and cons list that you can begin reflecting on daily. Once you do this, you will start actualizing and visualizing your future. Which is a great first step towards attracting the opportunities and life you desire.

Question 3:

“I have a question for you Nat. I’ve been doing some Chakra healing work thru your programs and I must say, it seems to be working. I’m learning to forgive myself and move on from the past. But I still carry some guilt and shame about my past and it’s a hard pill to swallow. Do you have advice?” ~Robert (Chakra Student)


This is a great question. Honestly, it’s hard to move on from your past if you’re carrying the weight of guilt. You feel bogged down, disappointed, regretful - the list goes on. This kind of ties into my ‘6 Steps To Manifest Anything.’ Step 6 is Surrendering - and it’s certainly the hardest step of all. You see, in your case, you are getting better at forgiving yourself but you can’t seem to let go. I advise you to ‘Surrender.’ So we have to surrender to how long something’s going to take to show up, we’re going to have to surrender to how it’s going to look like when it does show up, but we also have to surrender to trusting the universe or trusting God is only sending us the things for our highest good. So, when something happens and you start feeling guilty, I’m sure you start beating yourself up a bit. But I recommend taking a deep breath before you allow that guilt to come in, and say, “Okay, if this is happening for my highest good, why did this show up? What’s the lesson I am meant to learn here or what’s the behavior I need to take on. Or what’s the changes I need to make because this came up for a reason, then it’s here to teach me something whether it’ll give me the opportunity to expand or grow or to move to the next level.” I recommend that you start writing down some of these thoughts that you think when you are beating yourself up because what you may find by getting them out to paper and out of your head, that they are quite repetitive thoughts. And really, you’ll start to recognize that these negative thoughts about yourself are attached to a deeper program or belief about yourself and it’s trying to keep you in that place of you’re not worthy, you don’t deserve it, or you’ll never amount to anything. I hope this helps!

Question 4:

“I made my Mind Movie last week and was simply ecstatic. It really stirred emotions in me this past week and it was impossibly amazing. But then today, I sat down to watch it and started critiquing myself. Thinking I should change the music, thinking I picked the wrong images, and started letting my fears and limiting beliefs eat at me. Now I’m just not even excited to watch it because I’m bummed out. Any suggestions?” ~Sally T. (Mind Movies Student)


Hi Sally. I totally understand where you are coming from. Limiting beliefs can damage our progress and can hinder our success, that’s for sure. With Mind Movies, you must remember that it’s a process. The feelings you are experiencing are a part of the process and a part of releasing your limiting beliefs from keeping you back. You must allow it to infuse into your subliminal mind, without hesitation. Trust me, these negative beliefs won’t go away without a fight. Similar to my answer above, when you start experiencing these emotions make sure that you write all these things down. Get them out of your head, get them on to paper. Otherwise we can get stuck in this negative vortex because it’s what our norm has been. The more that you maintain the practice of watching your Mind Movie, doing your gratitude exercises, reflecting on the experience, and having your mindful moments, the more this will work. Again it’s a process and you must trust the Universe that it will all work out in the end.

Well that comes to the end of our second Q&A session with me! I hope one of my answers resonates with you! Please feel free to ask me a question in the comments below - you never know - I might pick your question to answer next! ;-)

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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