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Q&A Series With Natalie: Part 1

Q&A Series With Natalie: Part 1


Hello Mind Movies community - and a big welcome to our first (of many to come) series of blog posts where I share some of the most burning questions asked by my students. 

After reaching over 5.8 million people worldwide, I’ve come to notice many people have similar questions while on their own personal development journey. Some are around the topic of wealth and finances. Some are relationships and love. While others are health, wellness, and spirituality. Regardless of the category, many of my students seem to have similar inquiries across many mediums - from social media, coaching calls, product forums, etc. 

So, I figured what better time than now to start sharing some of the questions I’ve received recently - who knows - maybe my answers might help you in some sort of way or another. 

Alright, you ready?

Let’s dive right in! ;-)

Question 1: 

“Nat, you talk about having your students stretch beyond their comfort zones. And I’ve certainly done this in the past, which has lead me to the Law of Attraction. But I sometimes fear the unknown, especially if it’s with a financial contract of sorts. Do you know what I mean?  I want to jump into something new and have my career take off, but I’m afraid of the risk.” ~Ruth (USM Student)


So my advice in this situation is first of all, you’ve got to tap into how you feel. If you’re feeling a little bit of fear, that’s always good when you’re going into something new. I think if you’re not feeling fear at all then it’s not big enough anyway. It’s also important to have a plan when diving into a new career opportunity or financial investment. So, “If I invest this amount of money, how do I make it back?” Or “If I take a payout for this great job opportunity, how long will it take for me to make the money I was making?” - which gives you a little bit of peace of mind. When we started Mind Movies, we literally risked everything! But we had a plan and we had goals we needed to reach in order for the business to survive. We didn’t expect all the hurdles thrown in our way or all the challenges that we experienced. But the tough journey was worth every penny of investment. So that would be my advice in this situation - go in with a plan of action and set attainable goals. 

Question 2:

“About a year and a half ago, I was actually at my optimal health. And then shortly after that, I had my thyroid removed and so since then I’ve had a hard time you know, getting back ‘with the program’. For me personally, when I’m happy with my weight, I feel really good and I feel like I can do almost anything. But I’ve fallen off the wagon and I’m not sure how to get back on. Do you have any advice for me?” ~Vicky (Mind Movies Student)


So the technique I’d recommend to help get you motivated again would be visualization. I want you to tap into your mind, picturing yourself at your optimal state - using affirmations that dive so deep into your subconscious mind that your mind doesn’t realize that it’s not your current reality. It thinks it is actually happening right now. Okay? So for example, for me, when I was ready to get in better shape my desire was to walk into any store and just know whatever I grabbed will look good on me. So I would imagine walking into Nordstrom’s, I could hear the elevator music that’s playing, so I’m using hearing inside my visualization. I get handed a glass of champagne because this is the way I want to shop. So that I walk into the dressing room and I can taste the champagne and am in a happy, satisfied state of mind. Then I’ll feel myself putting on the clothes, I can feel the fabric, I’m elated and so proud of myself when I look at the mirror. So you can see I’m using sight, sound, taste - all these different things that help rewire my subconscious mind, aligning my thoughts with my reality.  I think this would be super powerful for you, to visualize yourself at your optimal state you were a year and a half ago and tell yourself that is your reality. I hope this helps!

Question 3:

“I have a question for you Natalie. Do you use breathing techniques while you watch your Mind Movies? Or do you keep those two separate?” ~Brent (Mind Movies Student)


No, I actually don’t do breathing techniques while watching my Mind Movie. I find that breath work takes, well, work! So I like to focus on breathing techniques during meditations. When you focus on your breathing, your moving energy up through your body and putting pressure on your pineal gland, allowing you to have almost supernatural experiences. It’s different for everyone though. My best advice is to focus ONLY on your Mind Movie and the visualizations/affirmations/music you have selected when watching it. It’s a very powerful technology and you don’t want any distractions! ;-)

Question 4:

“So my question is well, I’m new to personal development. And I just feel like in my life, I have so many avenues to choose from for an intention to focus on. So I don’t really understand if I should just pick one, if I can make it broader, or if it has to be specific. That kind of thing. How do I choose just one if there are so many areas in my life I want to improve?” ~Katie (USM Student)


That’s a great question. And it’s an extremely common question. A lot of people come to me and say, “okay Nat, my entire life needs a work-over.” So what I do know is that when you choose just one life area to focus on and laser focus everything that you’re learning into that one area, you set yourself up for success. I know it’s tough to start with just one, but you actually do see more results and successes when you set an intention for just one area of life. Now, that being said, because you’re changing who you are as you go through this program (USM), you’re resonating at a higher frequency. Things start to get into flow, you become more positive, opportunities come your way, etc. And as these things happen you’ll notice improvements in your life in other areas as well. Now how do you do that when you want to focus on health but you also want to focus on your career but wealth is super important and you want a new relationship?? Well listen, I get it. And I’ve been thru the same.

So the process I use is to look at health and money. Out of those 2, which is the most important right now for me? Doesn’t mean it’s the last thing you’ll ever do, it’s just what’s important right now. Identifying between two areas and sticking with one is a good place to start. Really hone in on what is most important to you in that immediate moment, and that is the area to begin your personal development journey with. 

Well, that comes to the end of our first Q&A session with me! I hope one of my answers resonates with you! Please feel free to ask me a question in the comments below - you never know - I might pick your question to answer next! ;-)

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.








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