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Is Love On The Horizon? 5 Telltale Signs You're About To Manifest It!

Is Love On The Horizon? 5 Telltale Signs You're About To Manifest It!

The Universe is always speaking to us. Yet oftentimes, we're not sure what to look for, and we might be completely oblivious to the signs!

Yet, did you know the signs you get from the universe are also signs from your higher self that flow through your heart center?

It’s true and if you want to know if love is on the horizon – here are 5 telltale signs you’re about to manifest love into your life:

1- You've Cleared Out the Energy of the Past - You have no attachments or unfinished business.

Are you done with old flames and unwilling to let anything from your past affect your present? If so, this is a strong sign that love is coming! The universe has given its blessing and so it's time to open up yourself to something fresh.

If you feel emotionally free from any baggage from past relationships and feelings, it's a sign that your heart is healed and ready for something new.

2- You Desire Love - An obvious but true sign that a new romance is on its way is if you're open to it and desire it in your life.

If there is no doubt in your mind that you can handle a relationship, you feel good about embracing love, and you’ve let go of any expectations based on earlier experiences, then this is a positive sign for sure.

3- You’ve done the inner work - Before something new can come into our lives, we need to do some self-work for it to stick around.

Making sure you've cleared out any old energy from past relationships and that the healing of an old wound has been done will mean newfound love won't be impeded.

4- You’re relaxed and at ease - Most importantly, even though you want love, it's important not to fall into despair or focus too much on searching for it.

The purest energy comes when we surrender to what will happen, show reverence to the future, and just enjoy being who we are in the present moment. This relaxed state is usually a strong signal from above that something special is on its way!

5- You feel worthy of love - When we have a strong spiritual connection with the universe and can forgive our imperfections, it typically signifies that something special is about to come into our lives.

When you're certain of who you are and how much you have to offer, you open space in your heart from a place of self-love and acceptance.

Even if you're still working on improving yourself, there's no need for explanations, you are good enough as you are.

Now, oftentimes it’s our fears and self-doubt that sabotage our ability to believe that love is coming our way or that we’re worthy of receiving it.

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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