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Transform Your Life Through the Be, Do, Have Paradigm

Transform Your Life Through the Be, Do, Have Paradigm

Have you ever noticed how some of the world’s most successful people reach their goals with almost effortless ease?

While some people seem to have to put in so much effort to make even the smallest progress?

Why are some people so effortlessly successful?

It’s because they have the “Be, Do, Have” paradigm.

And today, you’re going to discover how to use this paradigm to your advantage.

But first… What is a “paradigm?”

A paradigm is a way of looking at life. Some paradigms tend to set people up for success, while others tend to set people up for failure.

On the other hand, what does it mean to have the Have, Do, Be paradigm?

Have, Do, Be says the road to happiness looks like this:

1. HAVE what you want
2. This allows you to DO what you want
3. Which finally allows you to BE what you’ve been striving to become

Let’s say that you want to attract your soulmate into your life.

You might think to yourself… Once I meet that perfect person I’ve been waiting for... and have them in my life…

And when I HAVE that perfect relationship... Then together, we’ll be able to DO all of the things I’ve wanted to do... like travel the world, or move to a new city…

And then I’ll finally BE loved or BE happy or BECOME complete.

Can you spot the problem here?

The thing is, this thinking keeps you in a state of want, need, and unhappiness while sabotaging your ability to be happy now.

Unfortunately, this only attracts more want, need, and unhappiness.

Another example of how the Have, Do, Be paradigm commonly plays out is around money.

You might think to yourself…

Once I HAVE the money I want... then I’ll be able to DO the things I want to do, like pay off my bills, increase my savings in the bank or take some time off work, or quit work altogether!

And then, I’ll finally BE happy or BE rich or BE financially independent.

But guess what? With this mindset, you’re not happy and cannot be fulfilled right now.

What you’re reinforcing for yourself and to the Universe is that you’ll never BE happy until you have the money…

Which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The “Be, Do, Have” Paradigm

To manifest the people, resources, and golden opportunities that you want in your life, you need to start with BEING FIRST.

This means that by being the way you want to be FIRST – for example, being happy or being loved or being fulfilled – you ARE the vibration that then resonates out into the Universe, attracting the things that you want to manifest back to you.

It’s an extremely powerful paradigm shift that’s at the core of the Law Of Attraction. Because the MINDSET that you’re in when you set an intention or set goals will determine how quickly you reach those goals.

So let’s go back to our earlier example of wanting to meet your soulmate...

According to this new Be, Do, Have paradigm, you first tap into the feeling of what it’s like to already possess the love, happiness, and sense of completion that you desire within yourself right now...

You feel this feeling first, within yourself. You ARE full of love. You ARE happy. You ARE complete within yourself.

Operating from this abundant, loving feeling, you naturally create an abundant vibration.

You then find that you naturally begin to take action – often without even really thinking about it – which increases your vibration even further...

And the Universe responds by sending your soulmate or other positively charged people, abundant resources, and opportunities to you.

In other words – you must focus on BEING the vibrational match to the way you’ll feel once you’ve already attained what you want to manifest.

Be + Do = Have.

Now, living by the Be, Do, Have paradigm may come with challenges and resistance as your old beliefs and conditioning may try to hold you back.

This is why it’s crucial to recognize and address these obstacles. The easiest way I know of is the Success Blocker Quiz.

In only 30 seconds, you’ll uncover what your #1 limiting belief is, and you’ll get a customized report on how to overcome it.

It’s fun, fast, and best of all, it’s free!

Go here now to take the test and start breaking free from your old programming and start manifesting your goals this year!


Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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