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How To Use Journaling To Attract More Abundance

How To Use Journaling To Attract More Abundance


Did you know that keeping a journal is a very effective tool to improve your mental health, well-being, and even increase your ability to attract abundance?

It’s true! A consistent journal practice has many benefits, including:

~ Reducing Stress & Anxiety

Have you ever felt anxious or stressed but couldn’t put your finger on exactly WHAT was making you feel this way? If so, you’re not alone! Our minds often obsess about the past or future, without us even realizing it. When you take time to write about the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing, you’ll often arrive at solutions you weren’t able to see prior to journaling. This process provides an opportunity for reflection and helps you process negative emotions with more clarity.

~ Boosting Memory & Creativity

Writing down thoughts, experiences, and memories on paper triggers multiple parts of the brain to work together and strengthens various neurons in the process. Also, when you give yourself time to write each day, you will often feel a surge of creativity and discover thoughts and ideas you never knew you had. One of my favorite times to journal is right when I wake up or after meditation - during these moments, my mind is calm and relaxed, allowing for some amazing breakthroughs and ‘AHHHA moments’ to come through.

~ Mindset & Goal Achievement

Writing your goals on paper allows you get clear on what you want, and helps you see your reality come to life. Journaling also keeps your mind and vibration at an optimal state, so you can manifest more of what you want.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - if you’re struggling to harness the Law of Attraction, you may need to boost your gratitude practice. And one of the easiest ways to make gratitude a daily habit, is to add it to your journaling practice!

When you express what you’re thankful for on paper, you’re opening the floodgates for more abundance to come into your life!

In this video, you’ll discover how to journal for mental health, well-being and abundance - so let’s get started!

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