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The Secret To Attracting Great Relationships

The Secret To Attracting Great Relationships

Our relationships with others impact our lives in many ways, including how we see ourselves and the choices we make. And while we can’t choose every person we interact with, the close relationships we decide to nurture should fill our lives with love, positivity, guidance, and a sense of mutual respect.

So when was the last time you took inventory on your close relationships? With your friends? Your family? Your colleagues or even a romantic partner? Do they inspire you and keep your energy high, or do you find yourself feeling drained or depleted when interacting with those closest to you?

If you think you could be entertaining a toxic relationship or are simply looking for ways to attract healthier, happier, and more honest relationships into your life, here are a few things you can do:

1. Love yourself first

Achieving loving, supportive relationships starts with you! No matter what type of relationship you are seeking to attract or build with someone else, loving yourself first is essential. When you love yourself first, you are setting the foundation for the healthy and happy relationships you want to manifest.

Also, when you fully love and accept yourself, you have the self-confidence to let go of people that don’t meet your standards, and you will attract individuals into your life who treat you with the respect you deserve.

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2. Know yourself and your values

While self-love is crucial to attracting healthy relationships, it’s also just as important to stay connected to your values. It’s one thing to love others for who they are, but not to the point where you are sacrificing your values and morals. If you want to create quality relationships, you should first feel confident in who you are and what you stand for.

I want you to take a moment to think about your 5 closest relationships right now. Do these people support your core values or do you find yourself making excuses for certain people or situations? For example, do you ever feel uncomfortable with a friend’s behavior, but instead of speaking up, you choose to look the other way? Or have you ever wished your partner was on the same page as you with an important topic such as finances or children, but you don’t bring it up in fear of an argument?

You see, we often allow those closest to us to act or speak in ways that don’t line up with our values, because we want to maintain the relationship, but this can be unhealthy! If you’ve noticed any of these patterns, it may be time to get better clarity on your own values to understand if you are being honest with yourself about what you want.

Comedian Amy Poehler once said, “You attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are.” Being honest and firm with your values helps to position you with both the self-confidence and self-awareness to stay true to yourself and to be honest with others.

3. Understand that you are deserving of happiness

In plain terms, the Law of Attraction states that what we focus on, we attract. So positive or negative thoughts can welcome positive or negative experiences in a person’s life, especially with personal relationships. Dwelling on negativity or unhappiness will lower your mental vibration and make it much harder to  invite the healthy relationships you want into your life.

Instead, when you believe and reaffirm that you are truly deserving of happiness, the Universe sees this as a signal to send more happiness to show up in your life and your various relationships.

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4. Communicate how you want to be treated

Healthy communication is key for others to clearly understand how you deserve to be treated. Instead of looking to fit in or behave in ways to appease others, it’s totally okay to teach others how to treat you, using words that are respectful yet firm.

When it comes to attracting new relationships, being explicitly or implicitly open about how you deserve to be treated can actually act as common ground and a way to bond. You may find that you have more in common with someone simply by being honest about what you want from the start.

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5. Know your boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is one of the most important aspects for attracting and maintaining healthy relationships. As I discussed earlier, it can be easy to let things slide with people we are close to, but this can lead to resentment and frustration in the long-run. In order to maintain healthy relationships, make sure you’re communicating honestly with those around you.

It’s a good idea to write out your boundaries beforehand and bring them up when both parties are calm, focused and have time for a conversation. Boundaries should be set for any relationship - between friends, partners, colleagues or family members - to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Practicing honest communication with those closest to you will help your relationships thrive, so give it a try!

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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