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5 Fun Lifestyle Tweaks For Boundless Energy From Morning To Night

5 Fun Lifestyle Tweaks For Boundless Energy From Morning To Night

Can you remember the last time you didn’t feel at least a little tired throughout your day?

If you can’t, you’re not alone. Thanks to the breakneck pace of modern life, 77% of Americans struggle daily with the symptoms of stress and fatigue.

The good news is, you don’t need to sell your possessions and retreat to a cave to get your vitality back.

Instead, you can try a few simple lifestyle tweaks that aren’t just surprisingly effective - they’re fun :)

For instance…

1. Soak up some sun at lunchtime

Did you know that 34% of office workers eat lunch at their desks?

What a wasted opportunity!

The sun’s infinite supply of Vitamin D does wonders for your metabolism and energy - so slap on some sunblock and spend your lunch hour indulging in a spot of al fresco dining.

2. Relish your ‘power hours’

Are you a night owl or a morning lark? Trying to be productive when your body doesn’t want to be is a surefire way to tire and stress yourself out.

So my best piece of advice is to have a morning ritual, and whenever possible, organize your day so that you’re working on your most important tasks during your most productive hours of the day (you’ll enjoy doing them more this way too).

3. Listen to your favorite album

The laundry list of benefits from listening to music is long and impressive; it lowers anxiety, stress, and blood pressure, as it amplifies your motivation, mental performance, and cognitive abilities.

But the type of music matters too - soothing and positive music tends to work better than, say, heavy metal.

4. Spend more time in nature

Did you know that two of our favorite “de-stressing” activities - shopping and watching TV - have actually been shown to increase stress and fatigue, rather than decrease them?

Meanwhile, a 2008 study in Psychological Science found that spending time in nature significantly boosts a person’s energy and focus.

Beach, forest, park, mountain trail - take your pick, just get out there!

5. Spend more time with your Higher Self

Instead of taking a Facebook break, how about a meditation break?

A study at UCLA found that even just 3 minutes of meditation a day is enough to reduce stress hormones and increase endorphins - both of which will give you boundless energy throughout your day.


… but what if you’re also looking to lose weight?

I’m asking because coincidently, most people that struggle with keeping their energy levels up also struggle with losing weight.

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Oh, and if you have any other tips on boundless energy, please share them with our community in the box below! :)


Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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