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3 Keys To Unlocking Yourself To All That Life Has To Offer

keys to unlocking life’s greatest opportunities


Be honest…

Do you often find yourself saying no to new experiences, love or relationships… or do you ever hold yourself back from sharing your uniqueness with the world?

If you do, you’re not alone. 

Many people distance themselves from others or avoid certain things simply because they’re afraid to try something new. They find an excuse for not doing something outside of their comfort zone which often, over time, leads to a sense of unhappiness.

Do you know someone like this? Or maybe you sometimes do this too?

The problem is that when you put up these ‘defense mechanisms’, you miss out on enjoying life at its fullest.

The good news is that there are ways to, little by little, become more open to others and to life in general. So in this blog post, I’d like to share with you 3 keys to unlocking yourself to all that life has to offer:

Key 1. Identify your defense mechanisms 

One of the most important keys to unlocking yourself to all that life has to offer is to notice when you’re not doing certain things and then ask yourself ‘why’?

Many people are afraid of connecting with others because they’re scared of being vulnerable and ultimately, of being judged.

And then other people fear being hurt, or simply live their lives in denial. 

Whenever you find yourself doing any of these things, try to find the motive behind it.

Key 2. Do a quick body scan 

When you’re talking to people… are your arms folded? Are your legs crossed? Do you tend to avoid eye contact?

Remember that your body is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings, and vice versa; so smiling, breathing deeply, and maintaining a relaxed body posture will help boost your confidence and make you appear instantly more open.

Key 3. Learn something new every day

When you say YES to new things, you’re opening yourself up to more possibilities, more creativity and more inspiration. 

You don’t have to always do something completely outside of your comfort zone, even reading an amazing book or learning something from a person you look up to can give you a whole different perspective on life. 

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