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Toroidal Energetic Field? What Tha?!

Toroidal energy of the heart


"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." ~ Helen Keller

Did you know it's actually possible to live your life, push past your problems and things holding you back, and create your ideal life all through your heart?

From the inside, your heart emanates an extremely powerful toroidal energetic field (like the pic above), and it has actually been scientifically measured to go out as far as 5 miles from your heart.

The heart’s electromagnetic frequency arcs out from the heart and back in the form of a torus field, which is the oldest structure in existence. Its shape is similar to a donut, with the whole center of it folding upon itself. The torus is said to define the workings of consciousness, such as consciousness having geometry. The energy of this torus is constantly refreshing and influencing itself.1

Toroidal energy fields exist around everything: people, trees, the earth, sun, and Universe. It is the key to everything because your entire life is created by and from this place. Most torus dynamics contain two toruses or “tori” - like the male and female aspects of the whole - one is spiraling upwards and the other downwards. 

The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field produced by the body. An exchange of electromagnetic energy produced by the heart occurs when people touch or are in close proximity of one another. 

Have you ever met someone and just thought, “Wow they have such a nice aura about them.” Well, the human aura’s shape is that of a torus. 

The human aura is not a fixed shape; it is a continuous movement. Universal energy from all around a person streams into this dynamic form. The universal life energy field is infinite and unlimited; this is the reason we are all connected.2

Within our bodies, each chakra, each acupuncture point, every energy center is a toroidal flow. It flows within itself. The human torus connects to larger tori, which is part of our individual souls. All tori are connected to Source.3

Amplify your heart’s energy

The torus is the first scientific model that shows that we are distinct individuals, yet we are all interconnected. This is where human connection, love, and knowledge can take place. Philosopher Ashok Gangadean takes you on a deep dive into this in his powerful video.4

By learning the power of the toroidal energy and the Universe, we can achieve stress relief, mental clarity and deeper connections with others. We can use this intuitive connection to understand our soul’s wisdom as well as guiding us to who we truly are. 

When people hold genuine core heart feeling such as appreciation or compassion, it naturally increases their heart coherence. We’ve also come to know the intuitive energetic heart as our “inner voice” - sending intuitive information to our brain.

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