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DAY 5: Last Day Of Gratitude Week!

The final day of Gratitude Week has arrived.

This entire week has been dedicated to expressing gratitude for all the amazing things and people we have in our lives, and it's been amazing!

Today's pressie is something you can keep forever and refer back to anytime you need an inspirational boost. You can download it, and even share it with a friend, or loved one.

It's a gratitude Mind Movie filled with inspiring images and affirmations.
Download It Here (.mov - for MAC users)
Download It Here (.wmv - for PC users)

In addition to your Mind Movie, I'm giving away $9985 worth of prizes away to participants that help us give back to Hurricane Sandy Victims. 5 lucky people will be chosen to win a prize valued at $1997 where, for the first time ever, you'll work closely with me to reach your biggest goals!

You could be one of them :)

So I encourage you to join us in giving back to those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy and go in the running to win an amazing $1997 prize, while accessing some of the most incredible personal development programs on the planet at a never-before-seen discount!

Incredible programs like:

- Our overcoming limiting beliefs mini e-course which will help you squash anything standing in-between you and your goals - on a subconscious and conscious level. It includes PDFs, Mp3s, and videos.

- Our Law of Attraction 101 e-course which is a step by step blueprint to help you get the LOA working in your life TODAY. The module booklets, worksheets, and videos will keep you focused and working towards your goals and allow the power of the law of attraction to unveil in your life.

- The Mind Mastery World Summit Guru Presentations which consist of 12 DVDs worth of footage from some of the most sought after speakers in the personal development space including Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, Janet Attwood, John Assaraf, T Harv Eker, and more!

- There's also a Gratitude Triliminal audio which is really cool! It's a super advanced audio that targets different parts of the brain as well as the subconscious and conscious mind, and reprograms your mind with positive thoughts that will move you closer towards living a gratitude filled life.

- And finally my 7 Secrets to Happiness e-course which includes audios, videos, and downloadable PDF's. This 7 week course can bring you financial stability, love, greater satisfaction, good health, and blissful happiness.

And the best part? When you visit:

In the last day we've bumped up your discount so you'll receive up to 88% OFF, and as our way of showing thanks we'll donate half of ALL proceeds to 2 amazing charities that have been providing relief efforts to the victims of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast of America.

The American Red Cross has already served over 7.4 million meals and snacks to victims, they've provided 78,900 shelter stays for people who've lost their home, and have sent over 14,400 volunteers to support these shelters. Their work is truly unparalleled and I can't wait to donate to them.

And charity #2: The Humane Society because we here at Mind Movies are animal lovers to the core and understand that pets were deeply affected by Hurricane Sandy too. The Humane Society has heaps of volunteers that have rescued animals from the ruins and they're rehoming them or reuniting them with their owners. The work they're doing is absolutely amazing and I'm very excited to support them too.

So a huge thank you for being a part of gratitude week, and I hope you feel happier, uplifted and more positive after participating in this event.

Remember gratitude is an attitude so practice it everyday, and right now I hope you enjoy the special Gratitude Mind Movie I made for you.



Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.















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