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The Gift Of Starting Over

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Starting over can feel scary and overwhelming, yet many people have to do it at some point in their lives. 

And regardless of age, it usually feels like it’s too late to do it all over again. 

But what many people don’t realize is that we’re all designed to change and adapt. 

Just think about it for a moment and look around you. Everything is fluid. From the trees that shake with the wind and shed in the fall to the people around you that grow older (and usually wiser ;-) ) with each passing day. 

Everything around you is constantly moving, growing, evolving, all the time - even YOU.

Change is not always easy, and starting again in life isn’t either, especially when you have the added responsibility of supporting a family, but the trick is to not let your age or current situation define you.

Oftentimes the pain of starting again comes from the fear of disappointment from your family and friends, but what you maybe don’t realize is that most of that fear comes from what you think people expect from you. 

And the truth is, the only way you’ll ever be disappointed is if you never try.

So if you ever want or need to start again in life - be it with a new relationship, a new home or a new job, keep in mind that you’re never stuck. 

You’ll always have things working in your favor. If you’re in your twenties, maybe you’ll have fewer commitments and responsibilities holding you back. If you’ve lived longer, then you’ll have a lot more experience that can help you on your journey. 

By embracing the change, you’ll also gain the gift of:


As starting over can be one of the most liberating experiences ever… once you let go of your ‘old self’ and the need to control things.

Confidence & Self Love

You’ll be surprised how much more you appreciate yourself when you make an important decision for your future.


And not just respect for yourself, but other people’s respect for you, as you’ll inspire them to not conform in life by doing the same as everyone else even if it’s a detriment to their happiness.

There’s no doubt that life is unpredictable and that everyone, at some point, encounters emotional, financial and health challenges, as well as job instabilities and stress, but regardless of the situation, remember that it’s up to you to create something good out of it.

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