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Tackling Your Goals With the Set Point System

Tackling Your Goals With The Set Point System


Life is happening all around us as we speak.

The earth is spinning, the clock is ticking, the waves are crashing, and we’re all getting a little bit older at the exact same pace. So setting goals (and sticking to them) can be hard when the world is moving at a rate that sometimes seems impossible to keep up with.

But I recently talked about the importance of staying committed to personal growth. So when you lead a busy life dealing with work, children, relationships, etc., tending to our own personal development can often take a backseat. You try your best to make your well-being a priority, but many of us run into little slumps and setbacks that can throw us off track.

Maybe work is piling up so fast that a month has gone by without even stepping foot into a gym. Or you’ve been traveling for business and can’t seem to stay on top of your healthy eating habits. Perhaps you are ready to start that new work project, but just can’t seem to carve out the right time. Well, if you can relate, then so can I, because I know exactly what it feels like to veer off track from time to time.

This is why I’ve decided to incorporate what I like to call the Set Point System into my life.

So what exactly is the Set Point System? Well, it happens to be a very special guide I like to use to stay on top of my goals while life is happening around me. Think of it as your own personal check-in system when you’re creating a goal. It’s going to be the structure you need and the ‘points’ you need to hit to tackle your goals with intention and purpose. Remember, time is one of our biggest assets, so let’s not waste it!

Under each step below, you will fill in your total set points for each task. Then we’ll tally them up at the end to determine a set point range to stay within, to make sure the goal is achievable.

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I like to think of it as my secret weapon for success! You’ll be a goal setting pro in no time!


The Set Point System
Official Guide



A.) My goal is to ______________________________.

What is your goal? Here is where you will write down the goal you intend to accomplish. Don’t worry just yet on how long it may take or the tools you’ll need, we’ll get to that later. At this point, we are setting the foundation, so don’t hesitate to get specific with your intentions.

Were you able to establish a goal? (YES = 1; NO = 0)

Total Set Points: ___ / 1


A.) What’s the why?

When it comes to setting goals, the why is just as important as the what. A goal without purpose is simply a task on a list. So now is your chance to get clear about why this goal is important and what it will help you to achieve.

Were you able to determine “the why” for your goal? (YES = 1; NO = 0)

Total Set Points: ___ / 1


A.) Has this worked in the past?

Here, you are going to determine if a previous goal, similar to your current goal, has been successful in the past. Think of this as your aptitude for getting things done.

Has something like this worked in the past? (YES = 1; NO = 0)

Total Set Points: ___ / 1

B.) Did you have enough time?

Again, did you feel like you had enough time to dedicate to a similar goal in the past?

Was there enough time? (YES = 1; NO = 0)

Total Set Points: ___ / 1

C.) Did you have enough resources?

Again, did you feel like you had enough resources to dedicate to a similar goal in the past? Think supplies, support, money, etc.

Did you have the resources you needed to successfully achieve the goal? (YES = 1; NO = 0)

Total Set Points: ___ / 1


A.) Is now the right time?

This is the time to be honest about your goal. Ask yourself if it realistically make sense to tackle your goal right now.

Is now the right time to tackle this goal? (YES = 1; NO = 0)

Total Set Points: ___ / 1

B.) Are you able to give yourself wiggle room for this goal?

Even if now is a good time to go after the goal, are you able to allocate some wiggle room or breathing room if things take longer than planned? Will having wiggle room prevent you from achieving this goal?

Can you give yourself wiggle room and still achieve this goal? (YES = 1; NO = 0)

Total Set Points: ___ / 1


A.) Can I achieve this goal today? (YES = 1; NO = 0)

Total Set Points: ___ / 1

B.) Can I achieve this goal in a week?  (YES = 1; NO = 0)

Total Set Points: ___ / 1

C.) Can I achieve this goal in a month?  (YES = 1; NO = 0)

Total Set Points: ___ / 1


So now, you’re going to tally up all of your total ‘set points’ from above to see what point range your goal falls into. This is going to determine the success of your next goal:

Final Set Point Count: ___ / 10

0 - 3 points = Let’s pump the brakes on this one for just a minute. Take a step back and reevaluate your needs for this goal and perhaps move some things around to ensure you have enough time.

4 - 6 points = You’re almost there! You have just about all the tools you need to make this goal a success. Consider a little more time and resources.

7 - 10 points = Go for it! You’re on your way to successfully achieving your goal. You’ve got this!

Okay, so now that you have this wireframe outline for your Set Point System, you can come back and reference it anytime you are setting a goal. Are you up for the challenge?

Think of all of the possibilities you will have when you start to awaken your limitless potential!

And speaking of limitless, make sure to watch this eye-opening video while you’re here, to make sure you aren’t poisoning yourself with any self-doubt, fear, and negativity. Those are the subtle things that can get us off track. So, it’s time to start setting those goals and awaken the limitless you, once and for all!

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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