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How To Slow Down The Aging Process

How To Slow Down The Aging Process


I want to talk about a little topic many of us are currently dealing with…


It’s that little thing we try to keep under wraps but always seems to be staring us right in the face! So if you could step into a time machine and go back 1, 5, or even 10 years, would you do it? Maybe you are longing for the body you used to have or a boost in energy and endurance. And because all of us are getting older at the exact same rate, aging (gracefully) is just a natural part of life. But what if I told you that there are a few little changes you can make in your daily routine that can help with that?

Well, you’re in luck because I’d like to share some healthy tips on how to slow down aging. And when you include them as part of your personal development journey, you will be setting yourself up for success for many, many years to come!

Walk the Walk

It’s time to dust off the old walking shoes! And while you’re at it, just go ahead and leave them right there by the front door because you are going to be using them every day. Walking is not only one of the best things you can do for your own health and wellness but also an incredible way to slow down the aging process.

Walking Legs

You see, as we get older, our hearts also slow down, so keeping on top of your cardiovascular health is extremely important. A brisk walk of at least 30-minutes per day is going to be a great way to keep your weight under control and help you burn extra calories. And although there is no actual way to turn back the hands of time :-), walking can at least trick your body into thinking it’s reversing its biological clock. How? Well, you’ll be keeping your blood pumping strong to all of your vital organs every single day. And of course, when I walk, I always bring along my sweet pup, Bella - not only is walking great for me, it’s also great for keeping our four-legged friends healthy too.

Quality (and Quantity!) Sleep

When was the last time you got at least a full eight hours of sleep? As an entrepreneur, I used to believe that I could function on only 4-5 hours of sleep per night. I was always so eager to get the most out of my day by staying awake and staying busy. But that all changed as soon as I saw myself getting older - I was sacrificing the sleep I needed to truly thrive. I would wake up cranky, forgetful, and just wasn’t on my A-game. I knew that I couldn’t keep on this path if I wanted to maintain stability in my personal and professional life. That’s why getting good quality sleep has become the fountain of youth for slowing down the aging process.

Resting Dog on Bed

When you don’t get enough sleep every night, this creates a surplus of the hormone, cortisol. And over time, excess cortisol can cause a build-up of fat around the belly and one of the most prominent signs of exhaustion, wrinkles! So making sure to get enough Zzzs every night (at least 8 hours) is going to be one of the best things you can do to combat the signs of aging.

Trust Your Gut

Stomach With Stretched Pants

Did you know that a healthy immune system starts in your gut? And as we age, our immune systems weaken? Like we discussed earlier, if you are looking for a boost in energy and endurance, the best way to stay and feel rejuvenated is to take care of your gut health. The bacteria in your gut is the telltale sign of your true biological age, so making sure to have good gut bacteria is crucial to maintaining vitality and liveliness. In addition to drinking plenty of water and upping your fiber intake, here are a few foods that I love, that you can start incorporating into your diet to keep that gut healthy:







Olive Oil

Brussel Sprouts




Say Yes to Less Stress

Person Meditating

Remember cortisol, the hormone we talked about earlier? Well, it just happens to be referred to as the ‘stress hormone.’ So elevated levels of cortisol (or stress) can lead to all kinds of ailments that are no good for our bodies or our mental health. With increased blood pressure and cholesterol, memory loss, and lower bone density, to name a few, stress can have life-altering effects. So, it’s time to start making little changes in your life to cut down on the amount of stress you may be experiencing. Here are a few of my favorite ways to do just that:

1. Meditate

I love to start each morning with a meditation ritual. I use this as my ‘me time,’ allowing myself to get a handle on my mindset for the day and focus on my intentions. Starting your day with meditation, even if it’s only for a few minutes, is a fantastic healthy habit to start incorporating right away.

2. Gratitude journal

When you get in the habit of writing down your positive experiences and all the things you are grateful for, this opens you up to experiencing even more of that. I don’t know what I would do without my gratitude journal, as it has helped me become optimistic about life and all of the adventures it brings along with it, leaving little to no room for stress!

3. Listen to Music

At the end of the day, music is something that just makes me feel good. And I don’t have to go out or to a party to enjoy it. That’s why I love having a little background music as I work throughout the day. It’s something that keeps my energy and endorphins up, even in what seem like stressful situations.

4. Seek good relationships

If you are spending time with people who drain your energy or make you feel bad, this is a good indicator that it may be time to reevaluate your social relationships. We all encounter different people throughout our lives - our friends, our family, our coworkers, etc. And they all can have an impact on our mental wellbeing. That’s why I make sure to surround myself with supportive and uplifting people. It may be hard to see at first, but healthy social relationships can lower stress levels, promoting overall happiness. So not only is it a good idea to foster those healthy relationships but also be the person that brings that same positive energy to the relationship as well.

So, you see, the key here is to do more of what makes you feel good and surround yourself with people and things that also make you feel good.

This way, there will be no time to stress, and you can focus your energy on your own self-care and wellbeing. And did you know that I have 6 FREE pre-made Mind Movies you can use to start manifesting more of this? Do you want to have more confidence? More self-love? Inner peace? A healthy social life?

Well, once you download these amazing free Mind Movies, you’ll see that no matter where you’re at in life (and no matter your age!), there will always be time to go after the kind of life you’ve always imagined.



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