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My Life is a Rubik's Cube: Part 1



On this week’s blog, we share part 1 in a series of guest posts from published author Michael Fletcher. Enjoy :-)

Part 1: Finding Balance in a Multi-Faceted World

There is a great Steve Martin comedy piece where he states, “YOU - can become a millionaire!” Then after a bit of nonsense talk, you get to his real pitch… “First, get a million dollars!”

That’s fairly close to how I used to think many training programs and self-help products worked. Sometimes it seems difficult to get started, remain consistent, and stay on track with many things. I felt almost as though I needed to have already achieved the goal in order to begin the course! Or maybe I would enthusiastically start reading a book, and never make it to the end. Now I understand why that happened. There is one essential ingredient to finding success on any level – and it’s called BALANCE! 

I have always heard that I needed to achieve balance. But what exactly does that mean? When I first think of balance, I picture a set of scales, one side weighted against the other side which holds the item. This may work well for measuring the weight of a bag of potatoes, but not so well for all the multi-faceted aspects of a human life. 

In my opinion, balance has been misunderstood and not taught very well. The oversimplification of balance just does not work well in this busy world today.  How can we balance things like family, peace, prosperity, health, happiness, security, success, love, spirituality, and wisdom, to name a few? These precious things carry so much importance of varying weight that I don't believe a simple balance scale is a good way to demonstrate the concept. I know I certainly had great difficulty with this and for some of us, this can cause us to fail in achieving even small goals.  

So how in the world do we maintain our vision when our minds are constantly flooded with the demands and interruptions of life coming in from all directions? We all have so many interests and needs, that it may be almost impossible and even unproductive to try to focus on one thing at a time.  

It has been much more helpful to me to picture all the incredible characteristics of my life as a Rubik's Cube.  In case you are not familiar with the Rubik's Cube, the cube has six sides; each comprised of nine smaller cubes of six colors. When the cube has been solved, all six sides are fully intact with one color per side. However, after you begin to try to solve the cube after the sides have been disturbed, it quickly becomes mixed with all the other sides and all the colors become varied or unsolved. The object then is to return the cube back to its original form with solid color on each of the six sides, its original perfect form. 

Therein lay the irony in our daily, multi-faceted lives. When we focus on one of our life’s puzzles, we may find that we have perfected one aspect (one side of the cube) of our life, only to displace one or more of the other sides.  This is self-defeating and possibly fatal to our happiness. The original goal may be completely lost at this giant speed bump.

For example, I would dedicate time and energy to a job, only to find that I had not paid enough attention to my family. And that part of my life became jumbled and problematic, or you might say “unsolved”. When I tried to correct that by spending more time with my family, I may become less in tune with my craft or become less dedicated to my job. In the case of my own musical pursuits, perhaps my family, my education, and even security were misplaced while I focused on performing music. Eventually, with the passage of time, I realized that I would not achieve my mission with this scattered approach. I was really doing more harm than good. It was a setback, and it really had me stuck for many years because it was a cycle I was trapped in without a compass.

In the Mind Movies program, we are given a compass to better visualize this more perfect or “solved” condition of our life. We can see it in front of us, and with proper focus and vision we can really get there. But we will need a great deal of balance as well in order to do it right. After all, hopefully we would never picture ourselves at the top of success, but remain alone and loveless in the world. But that does indeed happen to people every day if we allow ourselves to be one-sided or one-dimensional. Be multi-dimensional and you will have a success beyond your imagination! This will open the door that you have been pounding on. And this should be a part of your vision.

More “clues” to solving this wonderful “Rubik’s” puzzle coming in my next blog post.  Until then I wish you balance!


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Michael Fletcher is a published author and Registered Sleep Technologist. Michael is passionate about writing, learning, and music. You can read more about Michael over on his website here!








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