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Lights Out: Evening Rituals That Set You Up For Success

As the holidays have come to an end and we’ve kicked off 2018, your schedule may be a bit out of whack. Between all the festive parties, traveling, and late nighters with friends and family, your bedtime routine may have fallen to the wayside. Sure, going to bed on time was not high on the priority list during the celebrations, but it’s time to get back on track and focusing on health and rejuvenation. A great nights sleep sets you up for success with better physical and mental health, and can put you in a better mood with a sense of well-being. 

If you’re having a hard time getting back into a routine, then I’ve got some ideas to help you learn to relax and set you up for success the following morning! 

1) Turn off screens an hour before bedtime

Turn off the TV Before Bed

This includes your phone, tablet and television. The blue light that is emitted from your screens has been shown to suppress melatonin, which is the hormone that controls your circadian rhythm (your sleep/wake cycle). So turn off those screens at least an hour before bedtime. Better yet, put all of your electronics away from your actual bed, making it a tech free zone! Plus if you put your alarm far enough away, you will resist the urge to hit the snooze button! 

2) Tidy up your bedroom

Clean Your Room And Make Your Bed

This may seem like a small thing, but tidying up can alleviate subconscious stress. Straightening up your bedding, picking up the laundry pile, or putting books back on the bookshelf can go a long way to help de-clutter your brain as well as your space. 

3) Take a warm bath

Relax in a Warm Bath

This is probably at the top of many night-time rituals, but it can’t be stressed (or de-stressed, as it were) enough how relaxing a hot bath before bedtime can be. It loosens your muscles, relaxes your mind - and you can even put a few drops of lavender essential oil in for extra measure. Light some candles, grab a book, and unwind to prepare yourself for a successful day tomorrow. 

4) Meditation

Meditation Helps You Focus on Your Breath and Relax

Many people meditate at different times throughout the day. For some, it’s in the morning. For me, it’s in the afternoon. But if you’re off-kilter with your routine, try meditating at nighttime to get your body into a relaxed state just before bed. Even a short 10-minute meditation might do the trick. 

5) Read a book

Grab a Book Before Bed

You’d think that reading would stimulate the brain and keep you awake, but in fact it can have the opposite effect. The muscles in your eyes that are focused and moving across the small words will soon grow tired, and naturally close and you’ll drift to sleep. A “no-brainer”, if you will!  ;-)

And finally, one of my favorites...

6) Turn on white noise 

Listen to White Noise to Drain Out Other Sounds From Outside While You Sleep

If a quiet room works for you, then no need to change that - but for some, the stillness of a hushed room can have the opposite effect. Or, perhaps there are noisy neighbors or traffic that might interfere with a peaceful night. For this, white noise is perfect. It drowns everything out and spares you from startling awake from an unexpected noise in the middle of the night. There are plenty of white noise apps, and you can even customize your own sounds, from waves to rain to soft zen-like music. 

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you get a restful nights sleep? Share them in the comment section below!

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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