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How To Socialize While Social Distancing

How To Socialize While Social Distancing

Social Distancing… these two words seem to be coming up a lot these days, right? Well, as we are thrusted into this new normal of social distancing, thinking of fun things to do or new ideas while quarantined can be challenging.

But just because we are under a quarantine order doesn’t mean we have to stop socializing – it just means we have to get a little creative. So here are some fun and easy quarantine tips and activities you can do while you’re practicing social distancing.

Have a Spa Day

Did you know that staying calm and relaxed while under quarantine can easily be achieved with a little self-care? It’s true! So treat yourself and a partner or roommate to a spa day!

Women Enjoying Self-Care

You can:
- light scented candles
- take a relaxing bath
- hydrate your skin with a face mask
- play calming music

All that matters is that you take a little time to sit, relax, and breathe in all the self-care you can handle.

Workout Bootcamp

It may not be the Saturday morning beach workout you’re used to, but scheduling in a virtual at-home workout with friends is a great way to keep fitness fun and exciting! And since everyone is stuck inside right now, online workouts are all the rage.

So buddy up at home with a roommate or partner or stream a virtual class online with friends and get ready to sweat. What better way to stay on top of your physical health than to virtually round up some friends for a fun workout?

Game Night!

When was the last time you had a good old fashioned game night? Well, we may be practicing social distancing, but having a game night with friends is totally doable. The only difference is that it’s virtual… which is surprisingly just as fun! Everything from charades to Pictionary to trivia – hop on Zoom or FaceTime and let the games begin!

Wine (or Beer) Tasting

Never been wine tasting before? No problem, just host your own!

Wine and Cheese Platter

With many stores and apps offering wine, beer, and alcohol delivery, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on an assortment of different wines. So don’t be afraid to lay out the entire spread with wine, tasting glasses, and even an assortment of cheeses, nuts, and dried fruit.


At-Home Cooking Class

Now more than ever is a great time to try out all of those recipes you’ve been meaning to make. Not only can you cook at home with a partner but you can also have a virtual cook-off with friends and family. All you’ve got to do is decide on the recipe, share with your friends, and hop on your preferred video chat while you all cook. It’s especially fun if it’s a brand new recipe for everyone, so expect lots of laughs in the process.

Host a Virtual Dinner Party

Remember that new recipe you just made? Well, pull up a chair (and maybe a glass of wine too) and bring it to a virtual dinner party. Hosting a virtual dinner party with friends and family is a great way to stay and feel connected to the people in your life. More and more people are using services like Zoom and FaceTime to be able to see their loved ones. So why not take it a step further and get back to doing the things we love like engaging in great conversation over a delicious meal.

Create a Music Playlist

Miss going to concerts and festivals with your friends? Well, you can bring home the fun of enjoying your favorite artists and bands by creating and sharing playlists. You can even surprise a friend by taking a walk down memory lane with a personalized list of the music you used to listen to as kids. Playlists are great reminders of how much music can bring us together and the perfect way to lift someone’s spirits from a distance.

Make Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

Making breakfast in bed for a partner or parent is a great way to keep things fun and spontaneous. Transitioning into a life where maybe the entire family is at home working and/or in school can be a challenging adjustment. But surprising a loved one with breakfast in bed is a great way to show affection and remind them that life should always be fun and spontaneous.

Host a Virtual Themed Party

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a themed…anything!? Let alone a themed party? The 70’s… the 80’s… the 90’s… take your pick! Then crank up the tunes and make sure everyone is dressed to the occasion for a virtual themed party! And yet again, we have our video chat apps to thank for the ability to connect with people from all over.

Last week I attended my first Saturday Night Virtual Disco Party for a fundraiser, and it was AWESOME! It was really great to feel connected with the people I care about for a great cause.

Disco-themed Natalie

Go to the Movies

It’s one thing to watch TV or a movie at home, but have you actually gone to the movies…at home? Well, tonight just might be the night for a movie date! Once you’ve picked a movie, be sure to pop some popcorn, turn on the surround sound, and turn off all of the lights to get the full experience. You can even opt to share some candy with your movie date!

Vision Board Party

I know we all can remember the times before social distancing when we could gather at parks and restaurants and were even free to travel the world. In addition to reminiscing on the past, you can also use this time at home to start thinking about the future and what that looks like.

So grab some scissors and a stack of your favorite magazines and get ready to start manifesting life after quarantine with a vision board. This a really fun activity you can do virtually with friends or at home with the whole family. Get a head start on life after lockdown by turning your dreams into reality.

And let’s be honest, never in my wildest dreams did I think the entire world would be in the middle of a pandemic right now. But life has an interesting way of preparing us for our highest good even if that includes social distancing for the time being.

And to remind you of that, I’d like to share with you a FREE copy of my book, Never In Your Wildest Dreams. Because even though we may be stuck inside, it’s still important for you to remember that you have the power to transform your life. And maybe it's this new normal we are all experiencing that can help you to awaken your limitless potential? So don’t hesitate to take a page out of my book to help get you there because your dreams will come true when you start believing in them.

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