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7 Energy Healing Teas to Naturally Vitalize and Nourish your Body and Soul

The history of tea is a blend of spirituality and agriculture, with myths and stories as rich as the many flavors that exist. From the legends of Chinese emperors to the proverbs of Zen Masters, we know that the use of tea and its medicinal powers were discovered in the regions around southwest China, Tibet, and northern India. 

Enjoy a Cup of Tea

Regardless of their true origin and discovery, we know that herbal teas are one of the absolute best at-home remedies, not only for physical health, but also for your emotional wellbeing.

It is believed that each plant carries a unique vibrational frequency that aligns with your physical, emotional, and even mental body!

Herbs continue to be the cornerstone for natural healing in many naturopathic doctors’ offices, simultaneously gaining the acceptance of a wider audience for its spiritual benefits.   

Here are 7 teas that will help nourish your body and soul by bringing your Chakras into alignment:  

1.  Burdock Root(Root Chakra)

This grounding root is known to remove toxins from our inner ecosystem, making it a great purifying and detoxifying agent. Its powerful metabolic profile also helps protect us from free-radicals that can prevent various health conditions, including cancer.

2. Fennel Tea(Sacral Chakra)

Fennel is revered for its power to bestow courage, “ward off evil spirits”, and bring the Sacral Chakra into balance. But more than that, this pleasant after-meal companion helps support healthy digestion by alleviating gas and bloating. 

3. Ginger Tea(Solar Plexus)

Ginger is a superstar! In addition to being a natural remedy for nausea and indigestion, it also contains several compounds that can help the body take up glucose, which is great if you struggle with type 2 diabetes. Energetically, this supports balanced emotional responses and your ability to set healthy boundaries. 

4. Tulsi Tea(Heart Chakra) 

This heart-opener is considered the most sacred herb in India and known in Aryuvedic medicine as “holy basil.” A versatile plant, Tulsi promotes longevity, reduces anxiety, and even helps treat acne. The eugenol present in its leaves contains ursolic acid and carvacrol, giving it powerful anti-microbial properties - all while opening your ability to practice compassion. 

mix of herbs and spices in tea


5. Withania Tea(Throat Chakra)

Also known as Ashwagandha, this popular Ayuverdic herb is known as an “adoptogen”. Adoptogens support your body in successfully dealing with stress, making this plant a natural ally if you suffer from chronic fatigue, a sluggish thyroid, or adrenal issues. If you need a little help expressing your thoughts, this boost to the throat will help you clear this center.

6. Lavender(Third Eye Chakra) 

Known for its ability to open your third eye, drinking lavender tea will relieve restlessness, calm your nervous system, and aid your sleep time routine. It’s commonly recommended for insomnia and is known to have mood stabilizing benefits for treating depression and mood swings. 

7. Gotu Kola(Crown) 

Grown in the Himalayas, Gotu Kola is used by yogis to improve meditation. It’s said to help balance both hemispheres of the brain allowing for development of the Crown Chakra. Medicinally, this rejuvenating herb helps heal your nervous system, control your blood pressure, detoxify the bloodstream, and promote better sleep. 

Do you drink any other teas that help you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally balanced? Please share with our community in the comment section below! 

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