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6 Unexpected Ways Meditation Can Transform Your Life

I honestly can’t imagine my life without meditation, and I have a hard time remembering when I wasn’t meditating and practicing spirituality. But that wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t until I really started practicing the law of attraction that I began meditating on a deeper level and making it a part of my daily routine. Once I had really incorporated it and developed a habit for it, then I started seeing major transformations in my life. 

Transformations that I had never thought possible, or that hadn’t even occurred to me - or that I didn’t think I wanted! 

Like my marriage ending or a move from San Diego to Los Angeles. But transforming your life doesn’t always follow the plans you thought you wanted for yourself (as John Lennon so famously said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”). And trust me, meditating can bring about the most surprising and unexpected changes!

Of course, relaxation, increased energy, coping with stress, and becoming ‘aware’ are benefits that most people associate with meditation. But there are other more subtle gifts that arrive when you meditate on a regular basis.

However, it does take time and practice, so if you’re in need of meditation 101 so you can manifest your dream life quickly, keep reading. :-)

Here are:

 6 Unexpected Ways That Meditation Can Transform Your Life:

1) You worry less

Because worry/fear/stress is mainly a component of living in the past or the future, meditation serves to put you in tune with the ‘now’. When you’re really present in the present, then you’re not actively worrying about what was or what will be. You’ll find that the more you meditate, the more that worry and anxiety actually becomes a choice.

2) You become more productive

This isn’t to be confused with feeling physically more energetic, but rather having more mental clarity. When you quiet the mind with meditation on a regular basis, the “chatter” - that, let’s face it, we all have - becomes less and the tasks that sometimes seemed daunting or overwhelming are much easier to tackle. Your work will reflect these positive changes.

3) You “wake up”

One of the best things about meditation is becoming aware because awareness is the key ingredient to awakening. And when you live your life as a “woke” being, then you’re in a position to manifest your best life.

4) You gain empathy

There’s just something about going deep inside of yourself that gives you the ability to put yourself in the shoes of those around you and suspend any kind of judgment. This goes for empathy for yourself, too. Meditation seems to just melt away barriers.

5) You forgive

Another great benefit of meditation is the gift of forgiveness. When you are truly in the present, in the now, you can observe from a detached place (not to be confused with non-loving) that who we all are now is different than who we were even a few minutes ago. This discovery makes it difficult to hang onto resentment and makes forgiveness a natural state.

6) You let go of you

And here is one of the greatest gifts of meditation - the dissolution of ego. Of course, we’re human so it’s quite the lifetime journey to completely letting go of one’s ego entirely. However, you can begin to see when you’re coming from a place of ego or when you’re coming from a place of love and selflessness. Meditation shows that we’re all connected, we’re all one, and when you truly understand that, your life opens up in ways you may not have ever dreamed possible.

Those are some of the unexpected benefits I have found from my meditation practice and getting to a state of consciousness. Do you have any you’d like to share? 

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Until next time :-)

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