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relieve back pain at work with these yoga moves

Effective Office Yoga Techniques For Treating Back Pain

It seems when life gets busy and times are hectic, we as humans tend to ignore the importance of our health in some way or another. Most of are in jobs that require long hours sitting, hunched over at our desks, negatively affecting our posture and our back health as a whole.  

This causes a lot of discomfort in the lower back region of your body and if it is not treated properly, it can cause a great pain for you in your daily life. 

Here are certain effective yoga poses that you can try while being on the job.

#1 Backbend:


This yoga pose helps in releasing the tension in the upper back area and reduces lower back pain as well. For this position, sit on a chair with your back stretched straight and inhale as you try to pull your body towards the ceiling by stretching your arms in a V shape. You will feel a gentle stretch in your back as you hold this position for a few minutes. Release your breath and also keep your gaze up and down as you inhale and exhale. Repeat this for 5-10 minutes and come back to a normal seated position.

#2 Seated Twist:

This you can do while sitting on your chair comfortably as this releases a lot of stress in your lower back and gives relief from the pain. Sit tall on your chair and gently twist your torso to one side. As you twist to one side, grab the armrest with your other hand. Like if you were to twist your left side, then grab the armrest with the right hand. Remain in this position for a few minutes and then change the position. Do 5-10 sets of this pose and you will get instant relief from the back pain.

#3 Dangling Pose:

Stand up with feet apart and then inhale and bend forward towards your hips and let your arms dangle towards the ground before grasping each elbow with the opposite hand. Keep your knees soft and do not let them get stiff. Remain in this pose for 2-3 minutes. This will give a good stretch to your back muscles and your blood circulation will also improve a lot.

#4 Sit-Ups:

Sit on the floor in a comfortable position and try doing sit-ups without using your hands. At first, it will prove to be uncomfortable and seems difficult but with time you will be a pro at it. It gives much-needed relief from the pain. This is very good for your legs, hips and lower back and strengthens it as well. You can start them by using your hands and once you are comfortable, then you can start this pose without using your hands. Look how your body is comfortable while doing this and then go for it.

#5 Chair Pigeon Pose:

Chair Pigeon Pose

Being seated on a chair, keep your feet flat and then cross your right leg over your left leg. Your right knee should be bent at about 90 degrees. Make sure that both your buttocks are touching the cushion of the chair. Twist your knee moderately to feel the stretch in your right thigh and hip. Hold for 10 breaths and then come back to a normal position and change the side. Do this for at least 5 minutes in a day to get relief from back pain.

#6 Big Hug:

Giving yourself a big hug is indeed a stress relieving exercise that is good for your back. Hug your body as tight as possible by crossing your arms over your chest and clasping your shoulders. Breathe in and out deeply to release all the tension in the back and knots between your shoulder blades. This will give relief from the back pain and you can easily do it by sitting on a chair.

#7 Hip Openers:

Hip Openers

This pose is much similar to the Chair Pigeon Pose, but the only difference is that you need to keep your foot forward. Keep your right ankle on the top of the left knee and flex your right foot to engage your toes. By keeping your back straight, just fold forward over your right leg. Feel a stretch in your outer hip and do it as long as it remains comfortable. Stay in this position for about 8-10 breaths and then come back to a normal sitting position. Now try on the other side by using your left leg. For a deeper stretch, you can bend forward and touch the ground with your fingertips by keeping your neck relaxed. Come back to a normal position after holding your breath for 8-10 count.

#8 Walk:

Everyone gets breaks, so use yours to walk! Do not sit on your chair for more than a few hours without getting up and walking around a bit.  Walk as much as you can! If your friend is in another area in your office, walk over to say hello! Sitting on your chair for long hours will create a pain in your lower back. 

These are some great ways to treat an ailing back. While these may seem too tough, to begin with, you will soon master them! Try them today!

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