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5 Warning Signs That You Might Be Struggling with Low Self-Esteem

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When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Do you see kind eyes and a big smile? Or, is the person staring back at you judging you, making you feel ashamed, or telling you you're not good enough?

When negative self-talk is taken to an extreme, it can be debilitating. We all have moments of self-doubt and worry, but it's important that we don't let them bring us down.

Not sure if your confidence is in need of a boost? In this health and wellness blog, you will learn how to be more confident and be your best self. 

Here are 5 warning signs that you might be struggling with low self-esteem and tips on how to gain your confidence back:

Warning Sign #1: Your body language lacks confidence

How you carry yourself is one of the first signals other people pick up on when they meet you. In fact, it starts much earlier than that, a lot of people make assessments and assumptions when they first see you. That's right, your body language sends a message before people even know who you are.

Body Language

So, if you aren't good at making eye contact and have a hard time looking others in the eye, have poor posture and slouch throughout the day, or that you often find yourself in a defensive position with your arms folded and legs crossed, you're sending a loud message to those around you.

Make a conscious effort to smile and look people in the eye, stand and sit up straight, and keep your body language in an open and relaxed state. You'll be saying a lot without even speaking a word!

Warning Sign #2 You don't believe you're worthy of good things

Did you know that for many of us, living in a state of shame can be traced back to childhood? Our experience as kids really plays a huge role in how we develop and who we become as adults. Take the steps to figure out why you feel less worthy and then take action to work through it.

If you worry about the future, you're sending a negative vibration out into the world and you are way less likely to attract the positive things you yearn for. The sooner you realize that we're all deserving of happiness and prosperity, the faster you'll be on your way to achieving that for yourself!

Warning Sign #3 You're not very decisive

Whether the decision is big or small, having a hard time deciding what you want, isn't always taken as an easy-going gesture. While some people may think that's how it appears, in reality, you're telling yourself and others that your opinion doesn't matter.

If you're used to saying, "I don't care, what do you want to do?", try switching things up and making more decisions. If it seems scary at first, start small...

Perhaps you and a group of friends are planning to go out to dinner, speak up and say where you'd like to go. Even if you don't always get what you want, you're at least getting used to knowing what it is and speaking your mind! And the even better news is that soon your bigger decisions won't seem so daunting.

Warning Sign #4 You're a perfectionist

If you become agitated when things aren't perfect, aren't good at taking criticism, or you find it easier to make excuses or blame others if something isn't 100% right, you might want to re-evaluate what's really taking place. To others, you’re displaying a lack of confidence by grasping for control in the world around you.

Let go and live in the moment, forgive yourself and others when things don't go as expected. Take a deep breath and accept what has happened, do your best to fix it if you need to, learn from it if you can, and move on!

Warning Sign #5 Your thoughts are often negative

Are you overly critical of yourself and others? If you see a common theme of judgment seeping into your daily life, or you feel pessimistic or down for no real reason, then it's probably because you're feeding your brain negative thoughts, which will begin a cycle that only makes you feel worse.

Do you want to get in tune with what your brain's saying, dig deep and truly listen to your subconscious? You might be surprised at just how much negative chatter is occurring. If any of these warning signs have resonated with you, then I encourage you to check out my super quick quiz that will reveal what’s blocking you from your greatest self. 

Our goal is to give you the tools to gain more confidence in yourself and show you that you are enough. What is stopping you from being your best self? Take this quiz now to see what success blockers are preventing you from gaining the confidence you deserve.   

*The Mind Movies team has updated this post on May 14th, 2018 to include the latest information for our readers.*



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