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3 Amazing Tips to Heal Your Heart & Have a Joy-Filled Life


Are you familiar with the childhood game "king of the mountain"? The whole point of the game is for one player to reach the top of a large hill and it typically involves a whole lot of knocking and pushing while the reigning "king" tries to hold their ground.

If your daily emotional journey feels like a game of "king of the mountain" and it seems like life keeps trying to knock you down, perhaps it's time to work on healing from within so you can defend your happiness on the outside.

Here are 3 tips you can use to get empowered, so you can overcome any obstacle and start enjoying the view from the top:

Heart Healing Tip #1 Figure Out How to Tune Yourself In
We all experience emotions differently. Yet, it's important for us all to be self-aware and to tune in to our emotional states. Picture trying to defend your mountain or hill blindfolded, without knowing how steep it is or how massive your opponents are.

Begin looking inward each time you face an emotional bump in your day. The more you can understand how you respond to different situations, the more easily you'll be able to recover. Then, all you need to do is take the blindfold off and stand proudly on top of your mountain, ready to face whatever comes your way with your best foot forward.

Heart Healing Tip #2 Learn How to Be Calm From Within
Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we can be knocked to the bottom. When that happens, we can learn and grow in tremendous ways on our journey back to the top. Healing, whether physical, spiritual or emotional, requires our body to be at peace. So, it's essential that we all find a safe place within ourselves that resonates peace.

As usual, it's easier to start small... When you're already in a mild mood, find a calming space, and turn your focus inward. Take it all in and focus on the way you experience soothing. When things begin to go awry, mentally return to your calm, safe place.

Heart Healing Tip #3 Practice Forgiveness
Whether the reason for your sorrow is internal or external, forgiveness is an important step in the healing process. However, it doesn't mean assigning blame. Blame is proof that we're still fixating on the issue rather than recovery. Forgiveness is allowing yourself to accept what's happened and admit that what's done can't be undone.

This is a skill that takes work and practice. Begin with very small things: forgive the barista for using full cream milk instead of skim, or forgive the driver who swerves and nearly hits your front end.

Another way to practice forgiveness is to imagine the same scenario with a drastically worse outcome, one that makes reality seem comparatively mild. Imagine if that barista had spilled the hot coffee on your arm.

It takes a strong person to be quick to forgive in hard situations, so practice with the easier ones and learn just how powerful it can be!

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