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The Ultimate Guide To Manifesting More Wealth & Success

The Ultimate Guide To Manifesting More Wealth & Success

When you think of people who are well off – those who have achieved success and abundance – what do you think they all have in common? Well, many times, it's a strong belief in themselves and their abilities. They also likely have a clear vision of what they want to achieve.

And, they also usually have a similar belief system when it comes to money.

They believe they deserve money and are worthy of achieving financial abundance. They also likely don't attach negative connotations or emotions to money and rather see it as a tool to bring them closer to their goals and dreams. Why? Because they know that there is a limitless supply of wealth and abundance available to every one of us.

And you see, when you have the right mentality about money, you give yourself the best opportunity to manifest success and increase your financial flow. Your mind is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to manifesting what you want.

So if you've ever wondered how to manifest success, how to manifest money, or simply how to be rich, it's important to start by assessing your beliefs and attitudes toward money. Start seeing it as a positive force that can help you achieve your goals rather than viewing it as something negative or scarce.

Now, of course, all of this sounds great, but if you're just now wrapping your head around the idea, it might feel easier said than done. But I happen to have a few things you can do to help you manifest the kind of success and wealth that you see for your future. So let's dive right in!

1. Remember That Money Is Energy

Everything in our lives is made up of energy. Our thoughts, our words, our emotions. And our money, too, is made up of energy. This energy, like everything else, is impacted by the thoughts, words, and emotions we give it.

So if you're filled with despair every time you look at your bank balance, then it might be time to take an honest look at what I like to call your 'financial blueprint' – taking inventory of all the negative thought patterns and limiting belief systems blocking your potential to enjoy money.

2. Assign Value and Intention to Your Money

Create a dialogue with yourself when you spend money and set intentions for each purchase you make. This is how money manifesting works – by setting intentions.

Woman Shopping in Store

For example, you can say something like:

"I am spending money on this apartment so I have a safe and comfortable place to live."

"I am spending money on this workout class so I create healthy habits and feel good about myself after."

"I am spending money on this dinner out so I can enjoy a fun time with my friends and create wonderful memories."

Giving value to your purchases and setting intentions with your money allows you to see beyond just the material aspect but also how it can enhance your life in some way.

This allows you to prioritize what you spend your money on so that you can manifest and save for the things you really want, like going on vacation, saving for a new home, a new car, etc.

3. Rewrite Your Money Story

These are the stories that we tell ourselves about our relationship with money. The ones that not only sabotage our present but our future relationship with money too.

You may be used to thinking or saying things like:

"I'm not good with money," or "I can't afford that."

But remember, mindset is everything when it comes to allowing more money to flow into your life.

So, a positive money story built on the belief that you are good with money and know how to save or that money is in abundance can help you to grow exponentially.

Whereas a negative story that focuses on scarcity can hold you back and prevent you from achieving the financial success you truly desire.

But here's the thing, saying something like 'I can afford that,' when you evidently can't, might not feel congruent with you right now. So the first step, for example, is to reframe the entire sentence.

So rather than saying, 'I can't afford it,' try asking yourself:

'HOW can I afford this?'

Do you see the difference?

This small tweak opens your mind to an abundant amount of possibilities and turns you into a solution-based person rather than someone who just decides that they cannot do something. So start reframing these narratives and see how your money story changes.

4. Give Money Away

You can do things like donate your money or volunteer, or better yet, both! It does not have to be a lot but get in the habit of doing some good for others.

Remember, a poor money mentality comes from scarcity, while generosity comes from abundance. And the more generous you are, the more the Universe will send abundance your way. Plus, it just feels good to give and make a positive impact on others' lives.

5. Take Inspired Action

I can't stress this enough: When you get an idea, act on it! Because at the very least, you will gain valuable information that could lead you to wealth down the road, and at the most, it can lead you there right now.

It's important to trust those intuition and gut feelings because they are often telling you the steps to take toward success.

6. Build Yourself a Support Network

It's important to share your ideas and make yourself accountable to others who share your goals and desires. Be sure to look for people who are likely to nurture you, and do everything you can to avoid those who are negative. Oftentimes, the negative energy of others can serve as a roadblock on your path to success.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who support you will only push you closer to achieving your goals and manifesting the success and wealth that you desire.

7. Foster An Attitude of Gratitude

Always look for ways and reasons to be grateful for what you do have. When you look for reasons to be grateful, you'll be amazed at how many you find. Think about the roof over your head, access to clean water, and even the food on your plate. This only allows more abundance to flow into your life and also helps to attract wealth through positive thinking and energy. So make it a daily practice to express gratitude for everything you have in your life.

Woman Smiling at Desk
8. Live With Passion

One more thing most successful people in the world have in common is they always follow their passion. You see, your attitude dictates your passion more than anything else. So if you're doing something you do not feel passionate about, see how you can look at it from other angles that will allow your passion to shine through. Or it could just be the sign you need to make a change and find something else that truly lights you up.

Following your passion not only makes life more enjoyable but can also lead to higher levels of success and wealth because when you are doing what you love, it doesn't even feel like work. So make sure to always keep following that passion and see where it takes.

Remember, there's a limitless supply of wealth and abundance available to every one of us, we just have to learn how to cultivate and attract it. So it's time to leave the guessing on how to manifest something at the door. And to help you on this journey, I'd also like to share with you 100 Success and Abundance Affirmations that you can use anytime, any day, to retune your relationship with money – and they're yours, absolutely FREE! These powerful affirmations will help you to reprogram your financial beliefs, habits, and thought patterns, in turn amplifying your overall wealth and success mindset! Go here now to download your free affirmations now.


Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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