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The Importance Of Practicing Financial Self-Care

The Importance Of Practicing Financial Self-Care

When you think of self-care, what kind of routine or activities come to mind?

A day at the spa? Going on a nature hike? Treating yourself to a nice dinner? Maybe a relaxing bubble bath?

Well, we all know self-care is important.

This is how we show ourselves the love, respect, and compassion we deserve.

But what about financial self-care? Or the positive routines you practice with your money goals in mind?

Well, when it comes to our financial selves, there's no denying that money is a topic most people think about every single day, and sometimes more than once.

But unfortunately, money can sometimes be a topic that makes many people feel stressed or overwhelmed, which can cause them to dodge the subject altogether.

Whether you have a hard time sticking to a budget or you're currently practicing bad habits that are keeping you stuck in a financial rut, it might be hard to see how money and self-care can coexist.

So if you can relate to feeling stressed out by money, I'm here to tell you that this is totally normal. Stress is quite a common mindset when it comes to navigating finances.

But one way to help you feel more confident and empowered when managing your finances is to make it a part of your self-care practice – just like a day at the spa! :-)

By incorporating simple habits and changes into your daily routine, you can feel more empowered when it comes to your money goals and finances. And anything that can help you feel more empowered is most definitely an act of self-care in my book.

So here are a few self-care tips and tricks to not only help you feel confident and empowered in your financial self but also activate a growth mindset so you’re ready for new opportunities for wealth that may come your way.

Build Up Your Money Confidence

The self-care activities you take on should also help increase your self-confidence around money. So don't worry, there's no shame in Googling things like 'investing for beginners' or ‘how to make passive income’ if you are just starting in the money game.

In fact, doing your research is one of the most empowering acts of self-care you can practice. Taking inspired action to educate yourself in the financial areas you want to learn more about automatically helps you raise your abundance vibration.

Woman Happily Looking at Computer

For example, if you're trying to save more money, and investing in a high-interest savings account is one self-care activity that could help, then schedule a time to research those accounts and find the best deal for you and your financial goals.

This self-care action boosts self-confidence by helping us gain insight into our financial situation — such as where we may need to improve or what we've been doing well. This will ultimately make us feel better about managing our money, and in turn, help us set higher and achievable goals in the future.

Write Down Your Goals (And Protect Them At All Costs)

Write down all of the financial goals you want to achieve in the next year and keep them somewhere visible — on your mirror, by your bedside table, or taped on the fridge (where they'll catch your eye every day).

This simple step can make an enormous difference in helping you meet those goals, as writing things down helps us set more productive intentions.

You see, self-care isn’t only about kicking up our feet and relaxing. Self-care also includes the kinds of practices that set our futures selves up for success and force us to be more accountable.

So this also includes protecting the things you want to achieve financially. This means taking steps that will help you meet your goals or at least protect against anything that could set you back.

Consider the self-care action of setting up an alert on your phone, so you can't spend more than a certain amount within a certain amount of time. This sort of self-care move reflects our values and might even help us avoid self-sabotage later on.

Check Your Bank Account Daily (And Track Spending Habits To Identify Unnecessary Expenses)

When you know where your money's going, you can cut out unnecessary expenses, so there's more for what really matters to you. In preparation for an abundant future, the easiest way to do this is to keep a daily check on your bank account or use budget planner mobile apps that can automatically track your spending.

By checking in on your finances each day, you are allowing money management to be a part of your everyday life. Just like exercising every day or taking care of your body, you will soon make money management a healthy habit – to the point where you just might start to feel excited about managing your money.

Man Holding Credit Card While Looking at Computer

And once you’ve got a wrangle on your daily expenses, you can take this a step further and set a weekly or monthly self-care practice that lets you explore where the money's going. Think of it like a money date or even a special activity you can do with a partner!

For example, if you find that a majority of your self-care costs are going towards unnecessary expenses, vow to spend more time practicing self-care activities at home or on activities that don’t cost you much.

Reward Yourself With A Treat After You Meet A Goal

Let’s not forget that self-care is also about self-indulgence! So remember to treat yourself, especially if you've been working hard towards your financial self-care goals.

For example, if you just paid off all of your credit card debt, it’s okay to want to treat yourself to something special. It's important to celebrate milestones in life because being kind to ourselves through self-care practices helps us appreciate our victories even more.

Maybe it’s treating yourself to dinner at a nice restaurant or buying that book you’ve been wanting or booking those tickets to your favorite band’s next concert. Not only will this help your self-care routine be more enjoyable, but it will also keep your motivation high as you work toward meeting your future goals.

So what do you think? Are you ready to integrate self-care into your finances?

Well, while I have you here, I have one more tip that could really help you take managing your finances into overdrive. And to give you a hint, it starts with your mind! :-)

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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