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How To Let Go of Someone You Love in 5 Simple Steps

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It’s hard to let go of someone you love. 

And oftentimes it's also hard to understand what causes relationships or friendships to crumble.

But what I do understand is that no matter how long or short people are together - there is always a higher reason for it.

Sometimes the reason can be to learn a valuable lesson that will come in handy later on in life. Or sometimes, it's to challenge your thoughts and provide personal and spiritual growth.

A powerful lesson I've learned by going through a divorce is to trust that everything happens in a calculated way and will eventually lead to greater good. 

This is why we must allow ourselves to trust that everything is happening exactly as it should in the way it's destined to be.

If you need a helping hand to go through your own time of transition, the following 5 steps will help you let go of someone you love, and move on in a positive, healthy and loving way:

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And if you have any personal tips on how to best move on from relationships that are no longer serving you, please share them with our community in the comment box below :)



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