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How To Get The Law Of Attraction Working In Your Favor

How To Get The Law Of Attraction Working In Your Favor

Something my friends have often asked me is:

"Natalie, why are you so lucky? You have tons of great friends, your Mind Movies community keeps growing, and everything always seems to work out for you."

I always appreciate comments like that and the truth is that I, in fact, don't believe in luck. But what I don't always share is that I have a little "assist" to get me the good stuff in life, and that is the Law of Attraction.

Through some simple strategies, I've been able to achieve success in several areas in a pretty short period of time. And the most successful people I know are making the most of the Law of Attraction, whether they know it or not.

Now, you may have seen "The Secret" and asked yourself a number of questions similar to these...

Is there any proof that the Law of Attraction works? Can it really help me reach the goals I want in life and will it make me feel happier?

A lot of Law of Attraction teachers will quote from quantum physics, but I don't think that's necessary.

When you utilize the Law of Attraction by taking a positive and empowering mindset, three amazing things happen:

1. You recognize more opportunities and take advantage of them.

2. People treat you better and offer you opportunities that weren't available before.

3. The Universe pitches in to bring you even closer to your goals. You can get unexpected checks in the mail and other great things will fall into your lap almost magically.

You may have been with me up until the third point and that's 100% ok. One of my favorite parts of the Law of Attraction is that you don't even need to believe in it to make it work.

If all you did was just accept the first two points - that thinking in a certain way puts more opportunity in front of you and inspires you to act, then it wouldn't matter if you loved "The Secret" or hated it.

Below are a few of my core principles for making the Law of Attraction work in your life, no matter where you are financially or how much spare time you have.

Take a read and start implementing them today!

Principle #1: Choose what you want

If I were to ask you what you want in life, what would you say?

For a lot of people, it's "Arghhh anything but this!" It's often much easier to know what we don't want. Because of that, it's what we tend to think about.

We don't like traffic, we don't like screaming kids, and we don't like mountains of debt.

The problem is that whatever you focus on tends to expand. Any time you think strongly about something you hate, you put energy into it and attract more of the same.

Instead, switch it around to thinking about what you DO want. Maybe it's a 20-hour workweek or a peaceful, loving relationship with your teenager who seems to disagree with everything you say.

If it's difficult to think about what you want, I have an exercise for you. Take a piece of paper and split it into three columns. In the first, write what you don't want. In the second, write the opposite of that, which is what you do want. In the third column, write briefly why you want it. This will help you get clear on your goals and motivate you to focus on them.

Principle #2: Feel good and see yourself with what you want

To use the Law of Attraction to your advantage, you're going to have to make some changes in how you think. You need to feel happy and positive, both about your goal and about life in general.

This comes down to feeling gratitude for what you have, appreciating people and things around you, and knowing how great things will be when you have your goals.

When I tell this to students and friends, I often hear, "Natalie, how in the world am I supposed to find the time to think happy thoughts and focus on goals? I barely get through the day as it is!"

My answer to that is, "Well tell me... how much time do you set aside every day to think about problems and worry about silly things that will probably never happen?"

The truth is that there are actually two types of time, internal time and external time, and they don't always line up.

Right now, you probably have dozens of thoughts a minute that you're conscious of, and thousands of thoughts that you're unconscious of. If you simply use your downtime, in line, or while driving, to think positively, worlds will open up for you.

Principle #3: Take action when appropriate

One of the hang-ups that a lot of people have with the Law of Attraction is the idea that good things can come to you without hard work.

Don't get me wrong; you will still have to work for your goals. However, the more positively you think, the less struggle you have to go through. On whatever path you're on, there's probably an easier way you haven't thought of yet. Using the Law of Attraction is the surest way to cut down the effort needed for success.

Someone you meet at a party might pass you a business card and reveal she's an insider in an industry you've wanted to open a business in.

You might take a wrong turn and find yourself in front of a hidden mall with incredible deals that shave tons of savings off things you really need to buy for your house.

When you see something in front of you that seems applicable to your goals in life, don't hesitate for a minute. Take the next action step available to you and see what happens. Most likely, another action step will appear, and one after that.

In my experience, if you're prepared to do the hard work, but at the same time open to the idea that it could be easy, things tend to just fall into place so you slide through life a lot more smoothly.

This is one of the more "lean" explanations of the Law of Attraction, so I invite you to research more on your own. In fact, if you want to learn more about how to get the Law on your side, you just have to check this out!

It’s my BEST-SELLING Law of Attraction 101 course that has been designed to help you manifest and create the life of your dreams.

Check it out now while it’s still on sale!

What do you think about the LOA? Share your thoughts with our community in the box below!

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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