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Fact or Fiction: Can a Solar Eclipse Affect You?


Will I find love?

Is this a good time to travel?

Am I compatible with my partner?

Many of us turn to visualization to manifest our desires…

Other people turn to astrology readings to find the answers to the above questions.

But do we really know if the stars can affect our life?

Can they really help us understand more about ourselves and our future?

In my efforts to find out more about this topic, I asked my friends over at Astrology Answers about the power of the stars, how they affect human behavior, and if there’s any powerful astrological event on the horizon that we need to be aware of.

This is what they said:

“We are about to enter a very auspicious time. A time when the astral energies are extremely potent.

Eclipses always bring with them some kind of a clout, and September’s solar eclipse is no exception, especially with Mercury being in retrograde in Virgo at the same time, AND the eclipsing Sun making a hard aspect with Neptune and Saturn, forming what’s known as a ‘T-Square.’”

During Solar Eclipses, the Moon aligns directly between the Earth and the Sun, and what we see is darkness for a short period of time.

However, astrologists reveal that Eclipses are much more than blackouts…

Eclipses are catalysts for new beginnings, new decisions, and most importantly, they reveal “hidden” opportunities that we often fail to see.

The upcoming solar eclipse on September 1st has the potential to change the course of your year, or even your entire life.”

Since the potent forces involved in the upcoming Solar Eclipse will help shape the events and experiences in your life…

… knowing how they affect you will be crucial to taking advantage of all the opportunities this cosmic shift has to offer!

And the only way to really know if the September 1st solar eclipse will affect you positively or negatively is by taking your own Natal Reading.

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Oh! And if you have any other cool information on how the stars affect our life, please share them with our community in the box below.



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