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Easy Ways To Boost Your Creativity & Inspiration

Easy Ways To Boost Your Creativity & Inspiration



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No matter what field you may work in or where you’re at in your life, turning on the creative switch in our minds is not always that easy. And no matter how many inspiring books you read or classes you may take, sometimes, the answer to how to be more creative lies within. But you see, many of us are still navigating life working remotely and staying closer to home, so days can tend to run together and make us feel uninspired. So to make things a little easier and give you a little motivation, I’d like to share with you some easy ways to stay creative and inspired, no matter what is going on around you.


What is your happy place? What or where is that moment for you when you can just sit back and bask in gratitude? Perhaps it’s at the beach? Or spending time people-watching in a park? My happy place is overlooking the view from my balcony while enjoying a nice warm cup of tea. This is about 20 minutes of alone time I dedicate to myself to get the creative juices flowing.

Often when we are in a calm, quiet, and relaxed place, we can better receive the clarity we need to thrive. When you are in your happy place, you are giving yourself a chance to hear and process all of your innermost thoughts and feelings. This is when you can also use visualization and mindfulness to gain a better understanding of what it is that truly makes you happy. And it’s that joy and happiness that has the power to unlock our most creative selves.

So if you don’t have a happy place, now is the time to find one! And if you already have a happy place, you can unlock even more creativity and inspiration by establishing a new or different happy place. You may be surprised at what you discover simply by establishing a new place or routine to call your own.

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In addition to establishing a new happy place or healthy routine, changing up your environment is another great way to awaken creativity when days feel monotonous. Whether it’s rearranging furniture, decluttering your work environment, or bringing home some new house plants, changing up your space can provide an instant dose of much-needed creativity and inspiration.

When you move things around (or clear things out) in a space that you’re used to, you gain a brand new perspective from your surroundings. Something as simple as moving a work desk to face outward toward a window has the power to breathe new life into not only your environment but into you and your productivity. A lot of the time, days can feel the same because everything looks the same, so our brains know what to expect. By stirring things up a bit, you are welcoming new life, new energy, and more creativity into a once dreary environment.


Oftentimes it’s the newness of life that forces us to shift and even react differently. Perhaps it’s a new job or a new pet or even having a child that forces us to get creative and think differently, whether we’re ready for it or not. That’s why starting something new is another great way to keep creativity flowing when life feels like Groundhog Day.

Perhaps it’s starting a new book or a gratitude journal or even listening to new music – there are so many different ways to engage your creativity muscle. But the key here is to be intentional about it. It’s one thing to start something new, but don’t forget to give yourself deadlines or checkpoints. Having something new to start for yourself is a great way to spark creativity and hold yourself accountable and on track toward your desires.

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Can you remember the last time you daydreamed? Well, daydreaming isn’t just for kids – we can daydream well into adulthood (and I highly encourage it!). When we constantly feel like we’re on autopilot day in and day out, we rarely have time to unplug. But when you daydream, you are allowing yourself to get lost in your thoughts and think about all of your wildest dreams and desires. Some may even consider it a form of visualization or meditation! So don’t be afraid to get lost in your thoughts because you never know what you may think of when you take a little time for yourself to unplug.


Sometimes we can be so stuck on collaborating upwards when many of the best collaborations happen across. What I mean by this is, it’s okay to seek out your peers and the people in your inner circle to collaborate on new projects or ideas. Of course, working with those we admire or who have reached a level we aspire to get to is ideal, but you may find even more creativity and inspiration comes from those that are right in front of you.

And I’m not just talking business or career. This can happen in friendships, relationships, and even with family members. Maybe it’s deciding to start a fun blog with a friend or learning about a new topic, like the stock market or a foreign language, with your significant other – collaboration is one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to get those creative juices flowing again when you’re feeling stuck.


Walking is something that not only benefits our health and wellbeing but our creativity and brain function as well. If you find yourself sitting behind a computer screen or stuck on Zoom meetings most days, you may not always feel creative or inspired. That’s why taking a break to go for a walk and get fresh air can work wonders for our mental health. The improved concentration and reduction in stress that you get from walking outside and breathing in the fresh oxygen nature provides can be used to invigorate our personal power.

When you think of going for a walk as a way to ignite creativity, instead of just moderate exercise, you are boosting your ability to think outside the box. This is an incredible way to combat those creative blocks and even bouts of brain fog from burnout. This kind of relief tends to allow us to spend less time worrying about our insecurities or challenges and more time on inspired action with each step.

Hopefully, this list will send you on your way toward a more creative, inspired way of life and get you out of that stubborn creative block! But if you’re still feeling stuck, consider adding our Free Flow Energy Clearing System into the mix. It’s an immersive guided meditation that is specially designed to clear your energetic blueprint of all blocks and negative charges. So if you’re ready to activate those creative juices, start with Free Flow today to harness the inspiration and motivation you need to thrive!



Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.








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