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Daily Affirmations To Boost Your Levels Of Happiness & Success

Daily Affirmations To Boost Your Levels Of Happiness & Success

A positive mindset is one of the keys to success. It's not just positive thinking – positive affirmations are also an excellent way to boost the levels of happiness, abundance, and love in your life.

You see, our words can either make us or break us, so it's important to choose yours wisely! And suppose you start using positive affirmations in your everyday life. Well, you just might notice that they can affect your perspective on the world around you and positively impact other people as well.

Daily affirmations should be said in the present tense, referring to their positive effects as if they're already true. For example, "I am successful" should be used instead of "I will become successful" ~ implying that success has already been achieved in the here and now.

And the great thing about this way of thinking is that it allows you to tap into the deepest form of gratitude to better appreciate all the abundance and joy that already surrounds you. Gratitude is a positive emotion that focuses on the things you have, rather than what you don't have – making it that much easier for your affirmations to materialize!

So! Let's take a look at some positive affirmations that you can say not only every day but throughout different times of the day to keep the good vibes and self-love flowing!

Person Standing on Mountain Top Overlooking Sunrise

Morning Affirmations

To help start your day on the most positive note

Whether at work or in my personal life, each day I get better at what I do.

I am living in my purpose at all times.

Today is full of new beginnings and endless possibilities for me.

I am a magnet to success and positive energy.

My positive thoughts attract the right people, new opportunities, and successful outcomes.

I am in full control of my emotions today; I only feel happiness and abundance flowing through my veins.

I have the self-love, self-confidence, and positive mindset to do anything I desire.

I enjoy improving myself, so I can achieve more success in all areas of my life.

I love myself unconditionally.

I am free to choose the thoughts that generate feelings of happiness in my life.

My journey to self-love is taking me to higher places of peace and wisdom.

I love the daily rituals that affirm my identity as a success-focused individual.

Person Smiling Woman Standing in Sunshade

Midday Affirmations

For when you need a mood-boosting pick me up

I am confident in myself and my abilities.

Today, I am doing my best work and reaping the benefits of all my efforts.

My thoughts are positive, and they reflect on my actions.

I always take action and achieve the results I want.

My life is an adventure, full of opportunity and success.

I am brave and always capable of going after my dreams.

As I affirm my success, all parts of me—body, mind, and soul—are receiving the benefits.

So many happy moments are happening every day as I affirm my power to create the life I want.

My positive thoughts and actions produce positive results.

Life is easy! Life is fun!

My passion and drive move mountains.

Successful people act; I act with passion and enthusiasm.

Woman Looking at Phone Outside in the Evening

Evening Affirmations

As you wind down for the day to help you go to sleep feeling both calm and empowered

Life brings me new experiences every day that will help me on my journey to success!

It's easy for me to be happy when I think about how many blessings have been bestowed upon me.

The world loves and adores me because I love and adore myself.

I'm constantly learning new skills, abilities, and knowledge that brings me closer to achieving my goals.

The positive people in my life are drawn to me like a magnet.

The positive opportunities in my life show up at my front door with ease.

I have everything it takes to be happy and successful.

I attract success and abundance into my life by visualizing what I want daily.

I can achieve anything by believing I can.

As a successful individual, I always make time for new pursuits that affirm my self-love and appreciation for life's gifts.

Each day, I take one step closer towards achieving all of my desires.

Each day, my mind is overflowing with brilliant ideas for new goals to accomplish.

Remember, affirmations are positive statements that, when repeated often enough and with purpose, can improve our lives. This practice is a simple way of instilling empowering feelings within yourself on a daily basis. So by repeating positive affirmations to boost your levels of happiness and success, you will feel positive emotions rise inside of you. Once you start to feel happier and more grateful, it will naturally reflect on your life and the people around you. And this is precisely how you design the life YOU want to live!

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Natalie Ledwell is a best selling author, speaker and successful entrepreneur. She's passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through her personal development programs and her online TV show, The Inspiration Show.

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